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  • Updated Aug 14, 2016
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Excavatinator

Note: The currently uploaded addon is version 3. It's missing some features still, mainly the minimap tracking which will require some work. The project progress tracking should work.

To use:
Type /arch to open the main window. This contains a list of the game's archaeology races, split into pages based on which expansion each race was introduced in. At the bottom of the window is a survey button, which simply casts Survey.

Clicking a race opens the artifact list for that race. Each artifact is listed alongside the number of times it has been completed. If there's an achievement for collecting a number of that artifact, a completion bar will be shown next to it, and if there's a pristine version of the artifact a mark will show whether you've found it or not.

In the main window, the races also display the icon of the artifact you're working on. Once you've collected enough fragments to complete that artifact, it will light up, at which point you can click it to solve it. You can select whether to use keystones or not using the checkbox in the bottom left corner.

The numbers next to the little crate icon indicate how many crated artifacts you have in your inventory, and in parentheses how many artifacts in your inventory can be crated. This icon can be clicked to crate one of those artifacts.

The little arrow next to the close button (top right corner) will collapse the window. In its collapsed state, the window contains only the most essential features of archaeology. The survey and crate buttons are always visible, and work just like they do in the main window. Once you have enough fragments for a given race, the solve button will appear, which displays the name of the race whose artifact you can solve and can be clicked to solve that artifact. This will respect the keystones setting from the main window. This window can be un-collapsed using the same button in the same location.

Bug fix in this version:
- Opening the addon for the first time in a session now presents a short-time loading screen. This is to get around Blizzard's item cache throttling.

Changes from version 2:
- Several barely useful features have been removed:
    - The skill bar. If you're doing archaeology, chances are you'll spend your time at max skill.
    - The travel frame. Aside from the hearthstone, most travel options are class spells, and you'll be used to using these outside Excavatinator anyway.
    - The item use frame. Archaeology items with on-use effects are generally toys now.
    - The links frame. Links were useful before, but as far as I can tell these differences have mostly been cleaned up by now. If you have a different experience, tell me and I'll work on remaking it.
    - The total completion bar. For me, at least, this was mostly just in the way.
- The main window has had several changes:
    - The race texture is displayed next to its name.
    - The list is now paginated, races are split by the expansion that introduced them.
    - Solving an artifact is no longer done by right clicking, but rather by clicking the artifact icon which will light up when you can solve an artifact.
    - The crate icon can now be clicked to crate an artifact, if you have any.
    - Using keystones for solves is now optional. This feature is now disabled by default.
    - Pristine artifacts are now counted as racial artifacts, and are required for race completion.
    - The Survey button is much bigger, befitting its status as the main ability of Archaeology.
    - Various tooltips have had their Rainbow Road factor removed.
- Collapsing Excavatinator now works completely differently:
    - The old version would simply hide the races that were not available on the current continent and shrink the window to fit.
    - The new version collapses to a much smaller window, with only the most essential tools: Survey, solve, and crate.
    - The solve button will appear when you have enough fragments to solve an artifact of a race, and can be clicked to solve that artifact.
- The artifact list is no longer split into rare, common and pristine artifacts. Instead, the list is now a single list of artifacts.
    - Rare artifacts still appear above common artifacts.
    - Pristine artifacts are no longer listed separately; these now appear as a quest exclamation mark next to the common artifact if incomplete, or a check mark if completed.
    - If an artifact has an associated achievement for collecting some number of that artifact, this is now displayed as a completion bar in the artifact list. This feature replaces the achievement frame.

Fixes from version 3:
- There was a bug that kept the addon from creating its saved variable for new users. This has now been fixed.
- Opening the addon for the first time in a session now presents a short-time loading screen. This is to get around Blizzard's item cache throttling.

Work in progress/features not implemented in this version
- Minimap tracking. I want to remove the dependency on the library I used for this, so I need to research how to do this myself.

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