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  • Updated Sep 14, 2016
  • Created Sep 30, 2009
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About EquipSee

EquipSee enhances the built-in Equipment Manager in several ways.

  • In your bags and in the bank, displays items with the names of the equipment sets to which they belong, overlayed on top of the item.
  • Displays item levels in the character frame whenever the Equipment Manager flyout is selected
  • Provides visual feedback in the character frame as you click on different equipment sets, showing which of the items you currently have equipped, will be swapped out if you equip the highlighted set.

Equipsee currently works with these bag management addons:

  • Bagnon
  • Combuctor
  • ArkInventory
  • OneBag
  • Baggins


And if you like Equipsee, check out my other addons: Auctionator and On Your Mark

tag v2.4
Kevin Ballard <kevin@sb.org>
2016-09-14 20:33:38 -0700

EquipSee v2.4


- Update the TOC for 7.0
- Fix tabards
  Tabards are in slot 19, slot 18 is the old ranged slot.
- Don't show overlay on excluded slots
- Don't throw error if item info hasn't loaded yet
- Fix the overlay color
- Adopt LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0

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