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  • Updated Sep 18, 2016
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About EasyMail from Cosmos

EasyMail is back once again!

The mail add-on you all know and love has returned to life and is now compatiable with the latest patch for WoW. All the features remain, as the than a few minor adjustments to get it 7.0 ready, this add-on has, like a fine wine, only matured with age. That said, here's a breif recap of all the neat little features you can expect from EasyMail:

Handling Mail

* toggles switches to select mail
* get all from this page button
* get all mail from inbox button

* mouse wheel compatiability
* auto-fill heading when sending items or money (first item is chosen)

Address Book

* remembers the last characters you mailed to
* Add name button for manual editing

All this, and more with the latest version of EasyMail ^^

A relaunch of the awesome mail add-on EasyMail from Cosmos - or just EasyMail for short. I recently got ahond of Yarko, who agreed to let me take over an maintain the add-on. I figure since I'm doing it for myself anyway, might as well share it on Curse ^^


* Address book
* toggles to collect individual items
* Collect selected mail button
* Collect all mail button

Basically everything it had before but now compatible with the latest patch.


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