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About Easy Obliterate

Easy Obliterate adds a frame to the Obliterate interface that shows you all items in your bags available for obliteration! It also adds ash information to tooltips once you've obliterated the item once. I made this because my bags are usually a mess and I didn't like having to search through it for eligible items.

 The frame is updated automatically so you can keep the forge open while crafting new items to destroy. There's also an option to automatically loot the Obliterum Ash if you so desire. You can even have the addon automatically select the next item to obliterate for you!

If there's an item you do not want to obliterate, you can right click it to ignore it. This will prevent it from ever being obliterated. You can also automatically hide items that are used in one of your equipment sets.

 If you want to bind a key to obliterate items you can do so under keybindings->AddOns->Easy Obliterate or make a macro with /click EasyObliterate

 Appreciate hearing about any issues you might be having or if you have any suggestions!

 Latest Changes:

- Added new option to hide items used in one of your equipment sets. (But never forget to double check when obliterating expensive items!)

- Added settings button for possible future settings instead of having to type /easyobliterate

Added new option to hide items that are used in one of your equipment sets.

Added a settings button.

Added a button to go to keybindings screen in settings.

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