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  • Newest File: EasyCopy v5.0.1 (WoD 6.1.0)

About EasyCopy

This is an AddOn designed to easily copy chat. The focus of this work was to use as little system ressources as possible. In version 3 most of the core code was revisited and optimized.

The main feature of this AddOn is obviously copying chat. To do so, you have to click on the timestamp created in front of each line. You can of course replace the timestamp with any custom word / letter.
Timestamp behavior:
- normal click: Opens a small window containing the chat line. You can then mark the text and copy it using [Ctrl]+[C] to paste it later, or in different Applications (paste: [Ctrl]+[V] )
- normal click while the chatbox is opened: will paste the line into the chatbox
- shift click: Instantly pastes the line to the last "sticky" chat-type (guild, raid, party...)
- shift click while the chatbox is opened: Instantly pastes the line to the whatever chat-type your editbox is set to (especially usefull for pasting in whisper)

Additional features:
- remember how clicking a character name opens the chatbox to whisper the character? EasyCopy adds similar behavior to any chat-type-identifier ( [Guild], [Raid], [6. btrogues], ...)
- hide the buttons for scrolling next to the chat
- mousewheel scrolling
- shorten chat-type-identifiers ( [Guild] => [G] ), or completely hide them
- Move the Edit box and Options box around by clicking left-mouse button on the top/header part.

Type /ec to bring up the options frame. You can monitor the memory usage by typing /ec memory .

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EasyCopy v5.0.1

It's been a while, but here I am again with some more updates. Please make a reply with possible errors/issues you might find. If there are Lua errors please have a snippet of what the actual error says if you can.

  • EasyCopy now makes use of Semantic Versioning, if you do not know what this is I recommend reading the summary of the accompanied link.
  • TOC Bump to 6.1.0.
  • On login, EasyCopy will now display that it's initialized plus which build it's running.
  • Options and Edit box frames have gotten a "reset" button which resets them to their default position.
  • Option frame now also displays the current version of EasyCopy you are operating on.
  • Changed the "Movable EditBox" to "Movable Say/EditBox" to prevent confusion as to what it actually allows you to move. (Editbox = chatbox aka saybox)

EasyCopy v5.0

You've been waiting long enough for your new features and fixes, this update re-adds a lot of functionality and deals with a lot of Lua errors. Please make a reply to the AddOn in case you spot a missed or new Lua error (or if something is just plainly broken of course).

  • TOC Bump to 6.0.2.
  • The EasyCopy Edit box and EasyCopy Options box can now be dragged by using your left-mouse button on the top/header of the box, positions are saved between sessions.
  • 'Post' and 'Clear' button on the Edit box have been re-added: 'post' lets you send the output from the edit box quickly to the selected chat output, clear will erase everything in the edit box.
  • You can now post to 'emote', no clue why you'd want to do that but it might prove useful to some of you.
  • Posting to 'whisper' without an active whisper target will now throw a red error message in the chatbox, this will no longer trigger a Lua error.
  • Posting to battleground has been changed to "LFR/LFG & Battleground" and now actually works again.
  • Copying multiple messages should no longer throw an error when the edit box starts scrolling.
  • Edit box can now be closed by pressing escape.
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