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About Dugi Questing Essential

Dugi Questing Essential is an All-In-One addon for anything to do with questing & leveling.
Brought to you by Dugi Guides™ makers of the best WoW leveling guides

Every option in the list below can be disable easily from the config menu.

Right click on the Dugi Icon for config menu

Type /dugi for a list of commands.

  • New GPS style "Search Location" feature. You can use this to search for locations in WoW by name and get a result of clickable waypoint for the location name.
  • NEW - Gear Advisor Feature - Using gear scoring algorithm it will automatically suggest / equip best in slot item from your bag and quest reward suggestion. (see screenshots)
    - Works automatically no setup required.
    - Weight Stats used for calculation is the same as AskMrRobot to ensure the best gear suggestion.
    - Green Arrow to suggest which item is an upgrade in quest reward panel (Similar to Pawn)
    - Green Arrow will also appear during loot roll, dungeon journal, vendors.
    - Customizable Hit and Expertise cap.
  • World Map Tracking feature - Option is available in Settings > Maps category. Add icons in the world map when you use your minimap tracking. Video: http:youtu.be/050vaRzMJ6o
  • Find Nearest feature - Accessible from the Minimap tracking button to find the closest NPC from your current position. Video: http:youtu.be/050vaRzMJ6o
  • Watch Frame Border - A set of cool borders available for the Watch Frame (Objective Tracker), the border will also play a *flash* animation when you complete a quest.
  • Quest Complete Sound - Play a sound whenever you complete a quest, a set of voice sound available for all races and genders.
  • Map Preview - A slick Minimap will fade in and fade out showing your the quest location. This will work automatically when you interact with the quest POI on your Objective Tracker.
  • Waypoint System with Taxi Feature - Works similar to TomTom, clicking the Quest POI in your Objective Tracker will automatically place a waypoint for the quest. The waypoint arrow will turn green if you enter the selected quest area. You can also create your waypoint by CTRL + Right Click on your map and you can also link them together by holding SHIFT + Right Click on your map.
  • Taxi feature will automatically create the fastest possible route using flight master, teleport spells, portals, boats zeppelins and available items. Video http:youtu.be/CPx5RsqJh2M
  • Map Coordinates - Your standard map coordinates system which will appear at the bottom of your World Map and Minimized Map.
  • Remove Map Fog - Reveal all unexplored area, but you can still tell which area is unexplored from the slight dark overlay, similar to Mapster.
  • Auto Quest Accept - Lightning fast quest accept and turn in, hold Shift while talking to a NPC to temporarily disable it.
  • Auto Sell Grey Items - Sell all the junk that you picked up while questing automatically and display the total profit.
  • Auto Quest Item Loot - Loot quest item automatically without picking up other junks.
  • Floating Quest Item Button - Don't you hate clicking the quest item on the Objective Tracker because its in an awkward position? The floating quest item can be moved anywhere on your screen and the button will appear if a quest item is available when you click on the Quest POI in Objective Tracker.

Dugi Questing Essential est un addon « tout en un » dédié au leveling et aux quêtes.
Version française développée par Guide Dugi©

Cliquez droit sur l’icône Dugi pour accéder aux options.

Chacune des options suivantes peut être désactivée à partir du menu réglages.

Pour accéder à la liste des macros tapez /dugi

Principales fonctionnalités :

  • Carte fantôme – Une carte apparaît en transparence montrant la localisation de l’objectif de quête. Fonctionne automatiquement en sélectionnant une quête dans la fenêtre de suivi des objectifs Blizzard.
  • Flèche de direction – Même principe que TomTom, cliquer sur un objectif de quête crée automatiquement un point de destination. Une flèche de direction vous guide alors. Elle est verte quand vous entrez dans la zone de quête. Vous pouvez aussi créer des points manuellement en maintenant la touche CTRL enfoncée et en cliquant droit sur la carte ou des suites de points en maintenant la touche SHIFT enfoncée et en cliquant droit sur la carte. Chaque point est relié par une traine permettant de définir une route.
  • Coordonnées – système permettant de définir les coordonnées de points dans le jeu. Elles apparaissent sur la carte et sur la minimap.
  • Suppression brouillard de carte – Révèle les zones non explorée qui restent identifiables par la présence d’un voile sombre. Dans le même esprit que l’addon Mapster.
  • Acceptation automatique – Acceptez et rendez les quêtes à la vitesse de l’éclair en faisant un simple clic droit sur les PNJ. Pour désactiver momentanément cette fonctionnalité, maintenez la touche SHIFT enfoncée quand vous faites un clic droit sur le PNJ.
  • Vente automatique des objets gris - Vend automatiquement tous les objets sans valeur (gris) que vous récoltez au fur et à mesure des quêtes. Il suffit de parler à un PNJ marchand.
  • Raccourci objet – Quand une quête nécessite l’utilisation d’un objet, une icône apparaît et il suffit de cliquer dessus pour l’utiliser. Cette icône est positionnable n’importe où sur l’écran et n’apparaît que si l’objet est disponible.

4.303 Sep 2nd 2017

  • Fixed Taxi Data for Argus 

4.302 Sep 2nd 2017

  • Fixed 0% loading issue with De, Fr localization
  • Fixed error with ElvUI addon

4.301 Sep 1st 2017

  • Fixed error with ElvUI addon
  • Fixed error with Combuctor addon

4.300 Sep 1st 2017

  • Compatibility support for patch 7.3
  • Updated Taxi System to support new Argus continent
  • Added new flightmaster support for Argus Beacons system
  • Gear Advisor will only suggest to equip one non-weapon Legendary item
  • Improved Auto Mount to list available mounts in alphabethical order
  • Added HereBeDragons map library support
  • Improved addon performance to prevent "Script too long.." Lua error
  • Fixed several minor Lua errors

4.211 June 30th 2017

  • Removed guides.lua file

4.210 June 25th 2017

  • New Notification feature, the DG icon will display red (!) to indicate a notification is available
  • New Waypoint customize arrow color options
  • New Taxi System setting option
  • Added Gear Advisor upgrade arrow support for items in your Bag
  • Updated Gear Scoring values for patch 7.2
  • Merged Border settings to Frames
  • Merged Memory settings to Other
  • Merged Map Preview settings to Maps
  • Fixed Lua script rang too long error after creating a brand new character
  •  Fixed Lua errors while modules loading process

4.206 May 15th 2017

  • Added Gear Advisor upgrade arrow support for items in your Bag
  • Added Taxi System settings option
  • Updated Gear Scoring values for patch 7.2
  • Fixed random Lua errors

4.204 Apr 15th 2017

  • Removed TaxiData for Broken Shore's Mage Tower portal

4.203 Apr 15th 2017

  • Fixed Gear Advisor error conflict with Outfitter addon
  • Improved Taxi System to detect flying in Broken Isle
  • Added Broken Shore zone search locations

4.202 Apr 11th 2017

  • Fixed Auto Mount bug that prevented it to work with Patch 7.2 in Broken Isle
  • Added option in "Other" category to Disable the quick setting option with the DG icon
  • Fixed Gear Advisor error if Smart Gear Set setting is set to None

4.201 Apr 6th 2017

  • New quick settings menu available when you left click on the DG icon
  • Fixed conflict with AdiBags addon

4.200 Mar 29th 2017

  • Patch 7.2 compatibility
  • Fixed Auto Select Flight Path for Broken Isle
  • Fixed Map Preview to hide bonus objectives

4.105 Mar 13th 2017

  • Improved automatic waypoint detection to stop switching to the nearest quest after PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event.
  • Fixed Auto Mount for Shadow Priest
  • Filter Mount selection setting to be faction specific for Auto Mount

4.104 Mar 8th 2017

  • Fixed "Search Locations" feature

4.103 Mar 8th 2017

  • Added Key binding option to turn on/off Auto Mount
  • Improved eating / drinking detection for Auto Mount
  • Added filter for Feign Death spell to prevent Auto Mount
  • Added Spell Delay option to delay Auto Mount after casting a spell

4.102 Mar 6th 2017

  • Auto Mount options have been changed to flyable, non-flyable and water
  • Auto Mount stops while eating/drinking, using Angler Raft, already mounted and while Profession frame is open

4.101 Mar 3rd 2017

  • Fixed Minimap tracking error when using addon with ElvUI

4.100 Feb 26th 2017

  • New "Auto Mount" feature, automatically cast your mount whenever possible, available in Settings > Auto Mount category. Default off
  • New Gear Set filter option, you can use this to disable the Gear Advisor when selected gear sets is equipped
  • Added missing WorldMapTracking/Find Nearest points (Innkeepers, Trainers, Mailboxes, Repairs etc) for Broken Isle continent
  • Updated TaxiData for patch 7.2.0

4.060 Jan 13th 2017

  • Fixed Gear Advisor error with patch 7.1.5
  • Updated Gear Advisor default weight score for patch 7.1.5  

4.050 Dec 13th 2016

  • Fixed Bonus Quest POI waypoints
  • Improved CPU usage for Taxi system
  • Fixed Map Preview bug not hiding POIs correctly
  • WorldQuestTracker bar is now hidden during Map Preview
  • Fixed conflict with CarBags-Nivaya addon
  • Fixed red flightmaster highlight bug
  • Changed Find Nearest menu to be seperate from the Minimap Tracking menu to prevent tainting
  • Updated Suramar portals for Taxi system

4.046 Nov 19th 2016

  • Fixed minimap issue with Broker World Quest addon

4.045 Nov 5th 2016

  • Fixed quest detection bug for Patch 7.1 (may fix "Waypoint Reached" prematurely bug)
  • Updated TaxiData for more portals in Suramar
  • Removed "Blink Minimap Resource", this feature is too buggy since patch 7.1

4.043 Oct 30th 2016

  • Fixed UpdatePosition() bug, this also fixed FPS issue while in instance and ObjectiveTracker issue

4.042 Oct 27th 2016

  • Fixed Objective Tracker border bug
  • Fixed patch 7.1 frame clip issue
  • Fixed Taxi.lua error

4.041 Oct 26th 2016

  • Fixed Map Button bug

4.040 Oct 26th 2016

  • Patch 7.1 compatibility fix
  • Map button will now appear instead of Waypoint arrow if arrow is not available, clicking the map button will open the WorldMap and set view on the destination waypoint.
  • Fix Map Ants bug to prevent it from connecting waypoints sometime.

4.032 Oct 21st 2016

  • Added Taxi system portal data for Mage and Warrior Order hall
  • Improved Druid Dreamwalk to remember original position
  • Fixed "Auto Track Quest" option
  • Fixed WorldMapTrackingCollection.lua error

4.030 Oct 16th 2016

  • Addon will now disable WorldQuestTracker "Auto World Map" option, this is required for Dugi waypoints to work correctly in Broken Isle
  • Fixed missing GearAdvisor filter data for Druid artifact
  • Cleaned up NPC name and model databased removing all unused data reducing the memory usage by over 60%
  • Updated NPC name localization for all other non english client
  • Fixed waypoint issue with WorldQuestTracker addon
  • Fixed ObjectiveTracker position issue with WorldQuestTracker addon
  • Improved CPU usage with Gear Advisor and Taxi system
  • Added keybinding info for Item and Target Button

4.030 Oct 2nd 2016

  • Added WorldQuestTracker addon support for World Quest waypoints
  • Added GearAdvisor filter data to identify correct artifact for each spec
  • Improved CPU usage for GearAdvisor
  • Added Archmage Lan'dalock to ban list to stop Auto quests for "Sealing Fate" quest

4.027 Sep 27th 2016

  • Fixed MapFog getting disabled if TomTom was loaded should only be if Mapster is loaded

4.027 Sep 27th 2016

  • Added missing Alliance Priest Order Hall portal for Taxi
  • Fixed incorrect WorldQuest waypoint bug

4.026 Sep 25th 2016

  • Fixed WorldMapTracking.lua error

4.025 Sep 23rd 2016

  • Fixed FPS issue with GearAdvisor if character have an empty slot
  • Fixed closing WorldMap bug

4.024 Sep 21st 2016

  • Fixed GearAdvisor check delay on login
  • Improved "Automatic Waypoints" creation and removals
  • Remove flightmaster model tooltip and replace it with its sub zone location text
  • Reduced overall WorldMapTracking tooltip size
  • Disable Remove Map Fog feature if Mapsters addon is loaded

4.021 Sep 21st 2016

  • Fixed Highmountain map fog bug
  • Added 15 sec penalty for Flightmaster Whistle
  • New Waypoint Reached Ping option
  • Remove Staff weapon in GearAdvisor for Protection Warrior
  • Fixed missing Locations search for Broken Isle zones
  • Fixed Highmountain map fog bug
  • Fixed missing Objective Tracker bug when loading Dugi in off state

4.020 Sep 17th 2016

  • Fix item button bug
  • Added 30 seconds delay for GearAdvisor to check for upgrade item upon login

4.019 Sep 11th 2016

  • Added Landmark waypoint support (Pet Tamer, Instance Portal, Treasures tracking, Flight Master)
  • Added Bonus Quest objective waypoint support
  • Fixed Neltharion's Vault taxi waypoint issue
  • Fixed changing WordMap bug if WorldQuest waypoint is active
  • Added FlightMaster SubZone location in their tooltip for WorldMapTracking
  • Increased item level score value for Trinket Suggestion
  • Fixed Taxi system to not suggest Flight Master whistle while in Dalaran because it doesn't work
  • Updated Taxi Data for missing Shal'Aran portals
  • Updated Taxi Data for missing Cave entrances in Suramar
  • Improved Deathknight DeathGate portal to remember original position
  • Fixed missing WorldQuest button in ObjectiveTracker bug during Map Preview

4.018 Sep 1st 2016

  • Fixed GearAdvisor.lua error

4.017 Sep 1st 2016

  • Updated Gear Advisor scoring weights for all classes
  • Fixed waypoint bug in Death Knight order hall
  • Fixed Dalaran hearthstone bug
  • Fixed Flight master whistle bug for Taxi system
  • Updated Taxi data for Legion Dungeons
  • Added Broken Isle zones for the GPS search
  • Remove Gear Advisor slow off hand priority for Enchancement Shaman

4.016 Aug 25th 2016

  • Fixed QuestPOI.lua error
  • Improved World Quest waypoint support
  • Fixed Gear Advisor ignore slot bug
  • Hide WorldMap landmarks (flight masters, instance entrances) during Map Preview
  • Adjust Map Preview ping animation position to be more accurate.

4.014 Aug 22nd 2016

  • Improved Automatic Waypoints feature to use Blizzard functions to find closest POI and added World Quest support
  • Fixed Map Preview not appearing bug

4.013 Aug 22nd 2016

  • New "Auto Quest Tracking" setting option, this will enable the original WoW "Automatic Quest Tracking" feature that was removed in legion
  • Renamed "Auto Watch Local Quest" to "Auto Track Local Quest" for consistency
  • Improved "Auto Track Local Quest" to trigger when the option is selected and on PLAYER_LOGIN
  • Dugi Addon will now queue to load if character is in combat during login or /reload instead of crashing
  • Fixed astrolabe data for gilneas
  • Fixed waypoint to stop changing if POI was manually selected in Essential mode
  • Fixed Gear Advisor error with Mage, Priest, Warlock classes

4.012 Aug 15th 2016

  • Fixed taxi incorrectly suggesting Cataclysm portals

4.011 Aug 14th 2016

  • Fixed Taxi.lua division by zero error
  • Added Dalaran hearthstone penalty for Legion zones
  • Remove quests requirement for Cataclysm portals for Boosted level 100 characters
  • Improved flight master suggestion for Broken Isle continent
  • Fixed Gear Advisor weapon suggestions for Death Knight class

4.010 Aug 7th 2016

  • Fixed missing Objective Tracker background bug
  • Force a saved variable setting reset on first time load for this version to fix an issues with Gear Advisor
  • Fixed arrow.lua error
  • Fixed ants.lua division by zero error
  • Fixed LibStatLogic to detect XP_BONUS for german users
  • More TaxiData updates for Broken Isle continent

4.009 Aug 3rd 2016

  • Fixed missing Anchored frame background bug
  • Updated Warrior and Demon Hunter weapon selections for Gear Advisor
  • Fixed Taxi to stop suggesting to use the LFG button if it's not there when exiting dungeon
  • Fixed waypoint arrow LUA error
  • Fixed Blinking anchored frame when CastShapeshiftForm, CancelUnitBuff

4.008 July 31 2016

  • Fixed Gear Advisor weapon selections for Warrior and Paladins
  • Fixed waypoint LUA error

4.007 July 30 2016

  • Fixed Gear Advisor Ret Pally again to equip only 2 Hands

4.006 July 30 2016

  • Fixed bug with LibStatLogic that could return nil for itemstats
  • Updated Astrolabe data
  • Fixed weapon suggestions for Monk Brewmaster and Windwalker spec

4.005 July 27 2016

  • Fixed gear advisor for Paladin Retribution spec
  • Fixed gear advisor for Rogue weapons
  • Fixed Astrolabe and Taxi data for Goblin Kezan and Lost Isle zones
  • Improved intial addon load time on login

4.004 July 25 2016

  • Fixed questPOI waypoint arrow to automatically update itself again

4.003 July 22 2016

  • Fixed TOC file for Astrolabe error
  • Fixed Gear Advisor cap with Heirloom items

4.001 July 22 2016

  • Fixed Gear Advisor for Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Shaman to allow plate/mail armor from level 1
  • Updated Taxi and Map data
  • Optimized quest log codes to improve performance due to changes in 7.0.3 API that trigger too many QUEST_LOG_UPDATE events
  • Reduced the amount of Flashing effect on the Objective Tracker to improve visual and performance
  • Allow waypoint arrow to scale during combat to prevent the "squashed" look when switching to down arrow animation
  • Fixed Minimap Blip feature but there's a bug with Blizzard which makes it "flash" a little because SetBlipTexture code is a bit slow after 7.0.3

4.000 July 19 2016

  • Updated addon compatibility for patch 7.0.3
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