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  • Updated Dec 25, 2016
  • Created Nov 14, 2014
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About DoesMyAltKnowThat?

You may have asked yourself... "does my alt know that?" Well, this will tell you that via the tooltip for a recipe.

It won't know what your alts know until you populate the data by opening your trade skills on your alts, without any filters enabled.

tag v4
David Lynch <>
2016-07-24 02:59:02 -0500

Tagging v4


David Lynch:
    - Run miner
    - Improve miner
    - Fix scanning of tradeskills
    - AuctionItemClasses no longer exists
    - TOC
    - Avoid error when changing specs when glyph UI hasn't been loaded yet
    - Extend my hacking around blizzard bugs so that trade skill tooltips will work (because glyphs)
    - Record known glyphs as well
    - Handle Blizzard bug for :GetItem on some recipes
    GetItem is returning an empty name and link for some recipes in the
    merchant frame. These can be noticed, and for the merchant frame at
    least can be worked around via :GetOwner().link.

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