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  • Updated Feb 28, 2015
  • Created Sep 18, 2011
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  • License: Apache License version 2.0
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About DKP - Bidder

Simplicity is what drives this addon. Simple use, fast loot managment!

DKP - Bidder for bidding with DKP - Manager. You do not need DKP-Manager if you are just bidding!

I have started the localization! Had over there and help me out please! :) Also if you like this addon, hit "add to favorites", thanks!


Here is what you get:

  • easy overbid button
  • simple bid button
  • nice looking bid list
  • window pop ups automaticly when in raid when DKP manager start bidding
  • you can hover over the item name when bidding starts to see what you are bidding for [check screenshots!]
  • you got a timer showing you how long it will take till the bidding ends[as long as dkp master will launch timer :), cuz he dont need to if thats what you prefer in your guild]
  • you can see all the time your dkp amount, and your friends, as long as you are able to see the officers notes in which alts and dkp points are stored
  • you can transfer your dkp to any player you want, as long as it is enabled in your guild

Simplicity is what drives this addon. Simple use, fast loot managment!

2015-02-28  kaszaq  <kaszaq>

[cae566385b1e] [v60100.0.0]
* DKP-Bidder.toc main.lua

* upgrade to mark as not outdated

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