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About Diplomancer

Changes your watched faction based on your current location. DE Verändert die angezeigte Fraktion basierend auf den aktuellen Standort. ES Sigue automáticamente la facción asociada con tu lugar actual. FR Surveiller automatiquement la faction associée à votre position actuelle. PT Segue automaticamente a facção associado à sua localização actual. RU Автоматически следить за выполнением фракция связана с вашего текущего местоположения. KO 현재 위치의 진영을 자동으로 감시합니다.


Diplomancer changes your watched faction as soon as you enter a particular area, instead of waiting until you gain reputation with a faction like most other faction-switching addons. It includes faction, zone, and subzone data for all Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm content. It also recognizes faction champion tabards inside appropriately-leveled dungeons.

When you find yourself in a location without an associated faction — for example, if you’re a troll taking a weekend camping trip in the lovely Redridge Mountains — Diplomancer will watch your race’s faction. If you would prefer to watch another faction instead of your race’s faction, you can choose your own default faction.

Type “/dm” for options, or browse to the Diplomancer panel in the Interface Options window.

Language Support

  • Works in all languages.
  • Translated into English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Русский, 한국어, 简体中文, and 繁體中文.
  • Add or update translations for any language on the CurseForge project page.

To add or update translations for subzone names, see the LibBabble-SubZone-3.0 project page. If your language is not yet supported by this library, Diplomancer will run with only partial functionality.


If you are reporting a bug, please make sure you have the latest version of the addon from this page, and then include detailed instructions I can follow to reproduce the bug myself, which Broker display you are using, whether the bug still happens when all other addons are disabled, and the exact text of the accompanying error message (if any).

Version (2016 Sep 18)

  • Updated for WoW 7.0
  • Added faction data for Legion zones (thanks Talyrius, as usual)

Version (2015 Jul 11)

  • Updated for WoW 6.2
  • Added faction data for Tanaan Jungle

Version (2015 Feb 26)

  • Updated for WoW 6.1
  • Added missing faction data for Gorgrond

Version (2015 Feb 5)

  • Fixed the faction preference reset button

Version (2015 Feb 4)

  • Added faction data for Draenor zones (thanks yet again Talyrius!)

Version (2014 Oct 16)

  • Updated for WoW 6.0

Version (2014 Jul 14)

  • Updated options panel

Version (2013 Nov 30)

  • Updated for WoW 5.4
  • Added faction data for the Timeless Isle (thanks again Talyrius)

Version (2013 Jul 13)

  • Updated for WoW 5.3
  • Updated deDE translations
  • Added a half-second delay on zone changes to avoid a race condition causing "script ran too long" errors

Version (2013 Apr 3)

  • Added faction data for Bizmo's Brawlpub, Brawl'gar Arena, Isle of Thunder, and Throne of Thunder (thanks Talyrius)
  • All Wrath dungeons now default to Hand of Vengeance (H) or Valiance Expedition (A) if you're not wearing a faction champion tabard
  • Fixed an issue causing unwanted expansion of collapsed headers in the faction panel while it was being viewed

Version (2013 Mar 12)

  • Fix for human racial faction typo

Version (2013 Mar 8)

  • Dear Blizzard, Please stop changing function names for no reason. Thanks.

Version (2013 Mar 5)

  • Updated for 5.2
  • Removed dependency on LibBabble-Faction-3.0
  • Fixed some misspelled faction names for the Alliance
  • Added default factions for Utgarde Keep and Pinnacle
  • Added a few more subzones for the Ogri'la faction

Version (2012 Dec 5)

  • Updated for WoW 5.1

Version (2012 Oct 18)

  • Added more MoP data from Talyrius
  • Fixed issues with zone detection when viewing another zone's map
  • Updated frFR translations from L0relei on CurseForge

Version (2012 Oct 10)

  • Added lots of faction data for MoP zones (thanks Talyrius)
  • Mapped Vashj'ir zones to The Earthen Ring
  • Fixed an error occurring in MoP dungeons while wearing a faction champion tabard (ticket #3)

Version (2012 Sep 14)

  • Added detection for tabard changes outside of instances

Version (2012 Sep 7)

  • Added Darkmoon Faire zone data (thanks Talyrius)

Version (2012 Sep 4)

  • Fixed an error for users whose languages are missing translations in LibBabbleFaction-3.0

Version (2012 Aug 29)

  • Updated for WoW 5.0.4

Version (2012 Jul 21)

  • Fixed detection of Therazane tabard.
  • Fixed the faction selection cascade when ignoring Exalted factions.

Version (2012 Jul 21)

  • Compatible with both 4.3 live realms and Mists of Pandaria beta realms.
    Use the “Load out of date addons” checkbox on beta realms — the TOC won’t be updated until Patch 5.0 goes live.
  • Improved the "Ignore Exalted" option — if you’re already exalted with the subzone’s faction, continue checking other relevant factions (zone, default, race) instead of just quitting.
  • Added racial factions for Horde and Alliance pandaren
  • Added new dwarf, gnome, human, night elf, orc, tauren, troll, and undead starting zones
  • Cleaned up some old data
  • Removed dependency on LibBabble-Zone-3.0
  • Added itIT translations, though Diplomancer will not work in Italian clients until LibBabbleSubzone-3.0 updates

Version (2011 Dec 12)

  • Updated for WoW 4.3
  • Added ptBR translations
  • Added support for Ironforge champion tabard
  • Added Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub to list of level 85 dungeons
  • Added/updated zone data for Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom, Arathi Highlands, Azshara, Baradin Hold, Darkshore, Feralas, Firelands, Gilneas City, Molten Front, Northern Barrens, Ruins of Gilneas, Southern Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains, The Lost Isles, The Veiled Sea, Thousand Needles, Tol Barad, and Tol Barad Peninsula
  • Added/updated subzone data for Southern Barrens and Thousand Needles
  • LibBabble-Zone-3.0, LibBabble-SubZone-3.0, and LibBabble-Faction-3.0 are now included in the main download for convenience. If you only play WoW in English, and are concerned about memory usage, you can safely delete these libraries from the Diplomancer > Libs folder.

Version (2011 Jul 1)

  • Updated for WoW 4.2

Version (2011 Apr 28)

  • Fixed localizing the Reset button tooltip
  • Added Korean translations from talkswind on CurseForge
  • Added Russian translations
  • Updated German and French translations
  • Updated for WoW 4.1

Version (2011 Mar 2)

  • Updated some Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zones for Cataclysm
  • Updated to work better in non-English locales

Version (2011 Feb 28)

  • Added Spanish translations

Version (2011 Jan 9)

  • Mapped Mount Hyjal to Guardians of Hyjal
  • Mapped Highbank in Twilight Highlands to Bilgewater Cartel for the Horde
  • Fixed The Krazzworks in Twilight Highlands
  • Changed the default faction dropdown menu to scroll instead of stretching off the screen, and exclude factions you’re already exalted with if the “Ignore Exalted factions” option is enabled

Version (2011 Jan 1)

  • Added Alliance faction data for Twilight Highlands and Western Plaguelands

Version (2010 Dec 27)

  • Added faction data for goblin and worgen races and starting zones
  • Added faction data for several low-level Alliance zones

Version (2010 Dec 23)

  • Added faction data for several Cataclysm zones
  • Added an option to change your default faction based on which faction you’re currently championing
  • Added support for the expanded faction champion system in Cataclysm
  • Switched to using LibBabble-SubZone-3.0 for subzone translations in non-English locales, so Diplomancer no longer needs to maintain its own translations

Version (2010 Apr 6)

  • Added Icecrown Citadel (The Ashen Verdict)
  • Added Explorers' League Outpost in Howling Fjord (Explorers' League; Alliance only)

Version (2010 Jan 29)

  • Added zhTW localization
  • Updated zhCN localization

Version (2010 Jan 17)

  • Added Howling Fjord - Steel Gate -> Explorers' League
  • Fixed external inclusion path for LibAboutPanel

Version (2009 Dec 18)

  • Improved support for faction champion tabards
  • Added Borean Tundra - Kaskala -> The Kalu'ak
  • Added Borean Tundra - Njord's Breath Bay -> The Kalu'ak
  • Added Felwood - Timbermaw Hold -> Timbermaw Hold
  • Added Icecrown Citadel dungeons -> The Sunreavers/The Silver Covenant
  • Updated TOC for WoW 3.3

Version (2009 Jul 29)

  • Add Trial of the Crusader zone
  • Fix issues with updating while in flight

Version (2009 Jun 6)

  • Add Argent Tournament Grounds and related subzones

Version (2009 Feb 19)

  • Add Eversong Woods zone
  • Remove Naxxramas zone (the level 80 version doesn’t give rep with a specific faction)

Version (2009 Feb 8)

  • Add deDE and zhCN translations
  • Add The Filthy Animal subzone for Dalaran
  • Add Crusaders' Pinnacle, Scourgehome, and Valley of Echoes subzones for Icecrown

Version (2008 Dec 25)

  • Debugging, QQ!

Version (2008 Dec 25)

  • Fixed "champion" tabard support for The Wyrmrest Accord

Version (2008 Dec 23)

  • Added basic support for level 80 "champion" tabards
  • Added more Wrath data (still need Alliance help!)
  • Moved options to Blizzard interface options panel

Version (2008 Nov 19)

  • Added lots of data for Wrath of the Lich King

Version (2008 Sep 11)

  • Fixed racial faction for Blood Elves
  • Added option to skip factions you’re already Exalted with


  • Added full support for localization
  • I need translations of subzone names for all non-English locales. If you are willing to help, please see my portal for additional information, or send me a PM! :)


  • Fixed zip file


  • First public release
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