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About Details! Damage Meter


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API for weakaura, plugin, custom displays creators.


Is an AddOn for deep combat analysis, relying with a bunch of bundled plugins, it's capable to give all the information you need on few clicks. It also is easy to use with a clean and dynamic interface:

  • left click: open the details window, or, open the report window depending on what's being shown.
  • shift + left click: report only that line.
  • right click: open the bookmark panel - select what you want to see.
  • shift + right click: open a panel for segments shortcut.
  • ctrl + right click: close the window.
  • main menu: select the mode to use, Everything: shows everything, Standard: show only raid or party members, Plugins: use a plugin.
  • segments menu: select between overall data, current and other past fights.
  • display menu: select the display, e.g., healing done, damage, cooldowns, etc.
  • report button: click to report.
  • reset button: clears all data.


Some features which you will find in Details!:

  • native multi window support, you can open and close them on-the-fly, also has support for key binds.
  • reads all combat log data, store and display it to you in rectangular bars very well made and shaped.
  • has a fast engine for data capture not hurting your frame rate, specially during heroism/bloodlust.
  • support custom displays where you can create your own display, or, import one from others.
  • beautiful design.
  • dynamic overall data, you may only reset the overall or set rules for auto reset on new bosses or instance.
  • love nature and the animals.
  • tons of plugins, e.g. threat meter, encounter analysis, tank debuffs, etc.
  • can measure dps/hps using encounter time like warcraft logs or individual player active time.
  • easy to use displays with bookmark on right click, full info with a simple mouse hover over a bar.
  • chuck norris approves Details!, he also use it to calculate the strength of big bang when he created the universe.
  • graphics for raid damage done, boss emotes tracker, aura creator tool for weakauras.
  • has support for skins, also is compatible with ElvUI and other similar Interfaces.


These are some of the plugins:

  • Dps Tuning: check your damage seeing the spell values and graphics.
  • Encounter Details: a raid encounter tool, shows dps graphics, summary of dispells, interrupts, deaths, emotes, aura tools, and more...
  • Raid Check: show food, flask, runes, item level status of raid members.
  • Time Attack: test dps on dummies with fixed time lengths, also stores your attempts for later comparisons.
  • TinyThreat: a small, but powerful, threat meter.
  • Vanguard: show debuff timers on tanks.

changeset:   647:a5f92680c464
tag:         v7.2.5.4132.121-release
user:        Tercio
date:        Fri Jun 23 19:37:18 2017 -0300
summary:     - framework update to v53.

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