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  • Supports: 7.3.0
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  • Updated Sep 21, 2017
  • Created Apr 29, 2008
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  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
  • Newest File: 7.3.3
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About Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

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Old Content mods are split into multiple packages

Older content is split into multiple addons to reduce mod update size. These are often far less updated as DBM Core packages and are better as optional extra packages. You can get them here:

Additional Mods

Countdown Packs

Voice Packs

Getting too many updates of DBM per day?

We push multiple alpha versions to Curse on an average day, these versions may contain important new features or bug fixes for the bleeding edge raid content... These versions are tagged as alpha, so they will not be downloaded by default. Set your Curse client to update to alpha if you want these latest versions (but they may contain bugs, downloads tagged as "Beta" or "Release" are more stable)

Disable alpha versions in your Curse client if you do not want multiple updates per day. Make sure you check main download preference as well as DBM's individual download preference. You could have primary method set to release and dbm still set to alpha. Right click on DBM itself in curse client addon list and set it to release/beta to avoid the daily updates.


  • Boss mods for all raid bosses
  • Colored raid warnings (players will be colored according to their class) with icons - so you will know what's going on without even reading the message
  • Auto-respond during boss fights. DBM will inform anyone who whispers you during a boss fight that you are busy. These messages contain the name and health of the boss as well as the raid's status. This feature is completely optional and can be disabled by player or even raid leader for the entire group.
  • HealthFrame: you can enable a simple frame that shows a health bar for all active bosses. This is enabled by default for multi-mob bosses like Four Horsemen
  • Bars can be enlarged with decent effects when they are about to expire
  • Crash recovery: you had a disconnect or crash during a boss fight? No problem for DBM! It will request the timer and combat status information from other DBM users in your raid group and you get your timers back
  • Synchronization system for accurate timers
  • Modular design - all boss mods are plugins and can be exchanged, removed or updated separately
  • Load on demand - all boss mods are separate AddOns and they will be loaded when they are needed. So they don't use memory or cpu until you enter the corresponding instance
  • Special effects like the screen flash effect, huge warning messages and sounds will draw your attention to critical events
  • Bars can change their color over time and flash before they expire
  • There are many bar designs to choose from, all designs are are customizable: you can change the color, size, icon position etc.
  • Support for SharedMedia, so you can use any texture for your bars
  • Option to create custom timers, so-called "Pizza Timers" for your pizza or whatever you prefer to eat while raiding. You can also send those timers to your raid group
  • HudMap built in to achieve greater visuals with heads up display in many different and creative ways
  • Support for voice packs in many different supported languages.

Slash Commands

  • /dbm - shows/hides the GUI
  • /dbm help - Shows all the other slash commands and how to use them.

New Features:


  • Guild status messages that show pull/kill/wipe messages for guild progress in raids now also have an option to do same for Mythic+ dungeons. This new option is OFF by default to ensure the current behavior remains same and users who want to see the additional dungeon progress have to turn option on (opt in) to do so.
  • On that note, also added a new group leader option to disable anyone from that group from sending guild progression syncs to guild what so ever (which will make it so guild can not see the progression messages via DBMs guild monitor feature). This option exists under one to disable whispers for group. Some raid teams don't even want their own guilds knowing their progression information.
  • That's incredible! (Note, I'm aware the volume is low. Still need to find a better sample of it from games files instead of recorded from gameplay video)

Tomb of Sargeras

  • Improved Phase 3 mythic crashing wave timers a little on sasszine
  • Added optional special warning (off by default) for Mythic orb spawns on maiden. Just enable it if you desire this. If voice pack user, make sure you enable that one too
  • Added audio countdown for dark mark on Fallen Avatar
  • Added audio countdown for rain of the destroyer on Mythic fallen Avatar

Argus Invasion Points

  • Updated Folnuna with updated timers and spam reduction on tank warnings
  • Updated Sotanathor with updated timers
  • Added readycheck option (off by default) for Folnuna if she's pulled and DBM detects her yell while you're tabbed out (in case you were waiting for more to join invasion point)
  • Added readycheck option (off by default) for Sotanathor if he's pulled and DBM detects his yell while you're tabbed out (in case you were waiting for more to join invasion point)

5 Man Dungeons

  • Improved warnings across all Seat of Triumvirate encounters

Bug Fixes:

Tomb of Sargeras

  • Fixed missing mythic stage 2 timer for first erupting reflections of the stage 2 mythic KJ
  • Fixed another bug where non mythic timer for second erupting started on mythic stage 2 KJ
  • Fixed bug where 3rd+ wailing reflection timers were missing on stage 2 mythic KJ
  • Fixed a bug where some crashing wave timers on Sasszine were 2 seconds slow (do to me forgetting i moved timer from START to success but didn't -2 needed fo timer to still line up with next START.
  • Fixed first dark mark timer for being too fast and rest of dark mark timers being too slow on stage 2 mythic fallen avatar
  • Fixed rain of the destroyer warnings/voice saying to dodge instead of soak on Mythic Fallen Avatar
  • Fixed bug where a very laggy user could send a bad sync on fallen avatar RP and cause timer to start over and get screwed up.
  • Fixed a rare nil error that could happen if a player with dark mark dies within the 0.3 second delay between getting debuff, but before doing chat yell for it on Fallen Avatar

5 Man Dungeons

  • Fixed several bugs across all Seat of Triumvirate encounters


Tomb of Sargeras

  • Changed stack warnings for soaking corrupted matrix so they start at 6 instead of 4
  • Tainted matrix and corrupted matrix warnings/timers will now be squelched if cast during the stage 2 transition (annihilate) on fallen avatar
  • Corrupted Matrix cast timer was scrapped, as it was redundant to tainted Matrix cast timer on mythic fallen avatar

5 Man Dungeons

  • Removed several useless and/or spammy warnings from Seat of Triumvirate encounters

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