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  • Updated Dec 11, 2016
  • Created Dec 25, 2012
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Daily Tamer Check

Tracks the completion of daily tamer quests.

type /dtc or /dtcheck to show the frame.

The main panel shows the tamers that give a sack of pet supplies as a reward. By mouseovering the bottomleft and bottomright buttons you can see the other tamers and elite pets divided into categories. With TomTom installed you can easily set the tamers' waypoints.

Clicking on the cogwheel (bottom left corner) will open the options menu

note: if the darkmoon pet tamer is not showing himself, try to open the calendar once to let DTC check if the event is active.

(in case you missed it, Daily Global Check plus Daily Global Check_Pet Tamers can replace Daily Tamer Check giving you the possibility to manage other types of dailies in the same manner)

r7 | Saregon | 2016-12-11 10:36:29 -0600 (Sun, 11 Dec 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/DailyTamerCheck.lua
   M /trunk/DailyTamerCheck.toc

removed achievement-based localizations which were causing problems

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