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  • Updated Nov 3, 2013
  • Created Feb 28, 2010
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About CustomTutorials-2.0

This library makes easy the creation of custom tutorials for your addons. It provides the following API:

  • .RegisterTutorials(id, data)
  • .TriggerTutorial(id, index, force)
  • .ResetTutorials(id)
  • .GetTutorials(id)


The easiest way to access CustomTutorials methods is to embed them into your addon object:

local Tutorials = LibStub("CustomTutorials-2.0")

But you may also set CustomTutorials as a local variable and call the methods directly.

Tutorials.RegisterTutorials("MyTutorial", {
  -- data goes here


First of all, you must register the new tutorials for you addon:

  savedvariable = "MyAddon_TutorialsSavedVariable",
  title = "MyAddons",
  {  -- This is tutorial #1
    text = "Hello",
    image = "SomeImage",
  {  -- Tutorial #2
    text = "Bye",

Currently, these are the arguments supported for the registering table (General) and for each tutorial (all of them are optional):

General Arguments
savedvariableIf set, CustomTutorials will memorize which tutorials the user has already seen between sessions and manage which to show for you
titleIf set, it is used as the default title when not provided for the tutorial itself
Tutorial Arguments
textX, textY
imageX, imageY
shineThe frame to anchor the flashing "look at me!" glow
shineTop, shineBottom, shineLeft, shineRight
heightCustomTutorials should be able to manage the window height most cases for you, but you can set it yourself.
anchorWhich frame to anchor the tutorial window (defaults to UIParent)
pointWhich point to anchor the tutorial with (defaults to Center)
relPointWhich point to anchor the tutorial to (if not provided, will use point instead)
x, y


Finally, you need to tell CustomTutorials when you want the tutorials to be shown. If you provided the savedvariable argument, you won't have to worry about which ones the user has already seen neither to save that information. CustomTutorials will handle that for you:

-- Shows up to tutorial #3 if the user has not seen it already
-- Shows tutorial #3. Yeah, you forced it.
MyAddon:TriggerTutorial(3, true)


This example registers 3 tutorials; shows tutorial #1 when the user loads the addon for the first time; shows tutorials #2 and #3 when MyAddon_OnSomeEvent is called for the first time; and allows the user to see the tutorials again when MyAddon_OnHelpRequest is called.

MyAddon:RegisterTutorials( {
  savedvariable = "MyAddon_TutorialsState",
    text = "Welcome to MyAddon",
    shine = MyAddon,
    text = "This is helpfull",
    text = "I hope you enjoyed this tutorial example.",
    image = 'ByeImage',

function MyAddon_OnInitialize()
  -- Show welcome

function MyAddon_OnSomeEvent()
  -- Show #2 and unlock #3

function MyAddon_OnHelpRequest()
  -- Show tutorials again when the user asks
  MyAddon:TriggerTutorial(1, true)

Version 5

  • Added .ResetTutorials method
  • Changed the behavior of TriggerTutorial
  • Bug fixes

Version 4

  • Suuports new argument: relPoint

Version 3

  • Supports new argument: anchor
  • Now the internal methods used by the library are not embedded by EmbedHandler

Version 2

  • Replaced shineX and shineY by shineTop, shineBottom,... etc

Version 1

  • Completely changed how it behaves. It no longer hacks Blizzard's code. Much safer now.
  • Updated for 4.0.1
  • Initial release