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  • Updated Dec 15, 2014
  • Created Oct 24, 2008
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About Cork

Cork is a reminder addon, aimed primarily at buffs. Cork was inspired long ago by NeedyList, and has been Alpha quality for years. Wrath introduces new buff query APIs that let me finally make Cork as small as I'd prefer, so I'm finally pushing out a beta-quality version.

Cork provides, at it's heart, one-click buff casting. Some non-buff reminders are included as well:

  • Reminders for self-only buffs, auras and shapeshifts
  • Reminders for raid-group buffs (ones that cast on multiple targets)
  • Reminders for warrior shouts only shown in combat
  • Priest Fear Ward (shows whenever fear ward is not on cooldown, must be manually enabled when needed)
  • Shaman Earth Shield (tracks the last group member cast on, so you must cast manually the first time)
  • Warlock demons
  • Warlock Soul Link
  • Low durability warnings when resting (in town)
  • Clam shucker
  • Minimap tracking
  • Keybinding (thanks cladhaire)
  • Macro-generating button

One-click? How?

Simple! Make a macro: /click CorkFrame. You might wish to add a
/cast [combat] Some Spell at the start as well.

You can also use the keybinding in the default k2eybind UI.

Be warned, Cork will only cast out of combat. If you want to apply buffs in combat, you'll have to do it manually.

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Please send all bugs, feature requests and questions to [email protected]

tekkub :bear:  <>
2014-12-15 05:22:32 -0700

Weekly build


tekkub :bear: :
    - Weekly build
    - Update changelog for
    - Give salvage lower prio
    - Fix prio sorting, allow values over `9`
    - Lower prio on fishing pole module
    - Add fishing hat module
    - Add fishing lures module
    - Don't check cooldown by default
    Fixes #102
    - Make salvage openable, since it's lower priority
    - Move salvage items to its own module
    - SERT!
    - Make self buffer check cooldown
    Friggin' mage ice shield thing...
    - Add garrison mine buff items
Kevin Ballard:
    - Fix handling of salvage crates
    Handle salvage before the openable item cache and update the openables
    list whenever we enter/leave the garrison.
tekkub :bear: :
    - Clean up combine list
Kevin Ballard:
    - Handle nil results from GetItemInfo for openables
    GetItemInfo returns nil if the item isn't in the local item cache.
tekkub :bear: :
    - Add follower equipment tokens to openables
Daniel Pittman:
    - Garrison Salvage openable support
    This adds the Garrison Salvage rewards from missions to openables; these
    have specific support and a table because they are not likely to change
    very frequently, use no common text, and can only be usefully used while
    in your garrison.
    - Add missing "Nagrand Arrowbloom Petal" to combine
    - Added Small Ethereal Shard to the combine module.
    - Added some Pandaria plant parts to the Combine module.

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