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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Jul 23, 2016
  • Created Sep 23, 2012
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  • License: MIT License
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About DefaultCastingBar

A lightweight casting bar that you can move.

To issues/bugs/feedback or get support please click here.

How can I move/resize the CastingBar?

Just type /dcb to the chat and drag the frame to move it or use the right handle to resize it.

How can I change/hide the position of the icon/time?

Open the interface options and select the AddOns tab, select DefaultCastingBar and play with the options.

How can I reset, change, copy or delete a Profile?

Open the interface options and select the AddOns tab, select DefaultCastingBar and go to Profiles.


Eyal Solnik:
    - First pass on the code to make it work in Legion
    - Update interface to 70000 (legion)
    - Update Libra to v37
    - Add license file
    - Initial refactoring
    - Update ToC and Libra
    - Update ToC to 60200.
    - Update Libra to v36.
    - Changed defaults.
    - Add CallbackHandler to the toc file.
Eyal Shilony:
    - Update Libra to v34.
    - A new option was added for class colors.
    More options were added for the timer's position.
    The icon and the timer shouldn't overlap
    when positioned to the same direction.
    - The icon and timer should no longer overlap when they are positioned in the same direction.
    The total time should be displayed correctly in all positions.
    The timer appears on top of the castingbar
    for Inner Left/Right position so the name of the spell
    will not overlap the timer.
    - Add an option to hide the total time. (Shown by default.)
    - Increase the max width to resize up to 512.
    - Add the ability to resize the width of the castingbar.
    - Upgrade Ace3 libraries to the latest version.
    - Upgrade to latest version of Libra.
    - Update the dropdown values.
    - Add profiles.
    - Rename LonnyCastingBar to DefaultCastingBar.
    Rewrite the whole addon.
    Add options.

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