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About CancelFormForCrafting


This very lightweight addon removes your shapeshift form when you try to craft something.

When you try to craft and are shapeshifted you would only get the error message "You are in shapeshift form" normally [Edit: This seems to be a bug which comes along with Quartz]. The addon removes your shapeshift and lets you craft your stuff. It is enabled for druids only.

The addon is disabled while you are in combat, so it should not cause any taint.

Just be cautious when trying to craft something while you are in flight form and in mid-air :-)

Version 11

  • updated TOC to 6.0
  • use localized macro command

Version 10

  • updated TOC to 5.3

Version 9

  • fixed bug: before changing selection in profession panel the addon would not work because old button is still on top of our button

Version 8

  • updated TOC to 5.2

Version 7

  • updated TOC to 5.1

Version 6

  • readded fix for framelevels. thought this was not needed anymore, but it indeed is.

Version 5

  • revamped how code is run. this should remove any taint caused by this addon.

Version 4

  • TOC update for 5.0.4

Version 3

  • bug fix for sometimes "vanishing" buttons because of framelevels

Version 2

  • only let "hide/show button" code run when not in combat

Version 1

  • initial release
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