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  • Updated Mar 28, 2017
  • Created Oct 15, 2012
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About Cancel Pet Fight

Prompts about canceling the current pet battle/duel if no rare pet is found on the opposing team. Useful when trying to catch only rare (blue) pets.

There are no settings. Simply start a pet battle. If there are no rare pets in the opposing team, there will be a prompt asking you to continue or cancel the fight. Simply pressing "Escape" on your keyboard, or "Cancel" in the dialogue menu will cancel the pet battle.

Unfortunately the "Cancel" function requires a hardware event and can't be automatically fired.


  • /cpf chat - toggles printing the current opposing team to chat
  • /cpf popup - toggles between the old mode (displaying a pop-up) or the new overlay mode (new overlay mode is by default)
  • /cpf mark - toggle the raid marking option
  • Shift+Clicking the Forfeit button on the PetBattle UI will immediately cancel the battle without any confirmation!

commit 98003909960b134714199ab1b5b8a5147031ff13
Author: Znuff <[email protected]>
Date:   Tue Mar 28 22:00:58 2017 +0300

    Switched to git; Bumped .toc; Should still work on 7.2 without issues.

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