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About Can I Mog It?

Have you learned that BoE plate item your Priest has? Can I Mog It will tell you!


  • Tooltips about the learned status of an item's appearance.
  • Tooltips about the learned status of a transmog set. (New with Patch 7.2!)
  • Overlays in your bags for telling at a glance what to buy, mail or sell. (About bag addons/ElvUI.)
  • Overlays in the default UI to know what raids to farm, what to craft, or what to buy from a vendor or the auction house.
  • Know across your account if you know an appearance.

Why do I need it?

The default UI only tells about items the character you are on can wear. Can I Mog It works across your account for all of your characters and tells you:

  • If you have learned it.
  • If you have learned it, but from a different item.
  • If you have learned it, but can't transmog it (wrong armor type or too low level).
  • If you can learn it.
  • If you can't learn it on this character.
  • If it can't be learned (necks, trinkets, rings, common, poor, etc.).

Problem? Suggestion?

If you just updated and are getting tons of errors please completely close your game and then reopen it. Updating addons while the game is running can cause problems!


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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Release - 2017/08/20

Prevents errors with addons that overwrite the default Auction House. Release - 2017/08/20

Auction House now has the overlay!

Auction House overlay!

  • #24 Added the overlay to the default Auction House (code from crappyusername).
  • #97 Separated the overlay code into different files and their own subfolder. Release - 2017/07/16

Release of database change. You cannot downgrade from this version to older versions! If you do you will have to delete your CanIMogIt.lua save variables file! Beta - 2017/07/09

Changed how the database stores items so that items of different types that share appearances are not stored together. Release - 2017/06/10

Fixed log-in and loading screen lag. (#58 & #89) Release - 2017/05/07

ArkInventory now supported!

ArkInventory support!

  • #40 Added ArkInventory support (with code from @Urtgard). Release - 2017/04/16

New feature: Progress numbers added to the Appearance Sets list!

Appearance Sets Counter

  • #79 Bugfix with Timewalking items and source type.
  • #71 Added small ratio for variants in Sets window.
  • Updated TOC to 7.2. Release

Added tooltips for new Transmog Sets.

Sets Tooltips

18 Mar, 2017

  • #70 & #72 Added set information to the tooltip, along with an option to enable/disable.
  • #55 Updated C_TransmogCollection.ClearSearch to use 7.2 api. Release

Bug fixes.

18 Mar, 2017

  • #67 Fixed bug with too low level and cannot learn transmog.
  • #67 Adjusted logic to for being too low level to make more sense.

05 Mar, 2017

  • #59 Optimizations for checking/updating the database.
  • #31 Fixed icon overlay not updating when bags are opened individually.
  • #48 Fixed bug with weapons returning as equippable incorrectly.
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