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About Broker_ProfessionsMenu


Broker_ProfessionsMenu is a broker addon for managing your trade skills and trade cooldowns.


  • tracking of cross-realm trade skills and cooldown timers,
  • displaying toast notification after the cooldown timer has expired
  • quick launching of all trade skills via drop down menu or via mouse shortcuts
  • shows in item and recipe tooltips, if one of your characters can craft/enchant this (Supports Atlasloot Tooltips)
  • easy and fast mass disenchanting/milling/prospecting/lock picking (with auto looting)
  • favorite list for quick access of your trade skills
  • creating of separate quick launchers (brokers) for every trade skills (listet as "Launcher: NAME" in your display addon)


  • Broker Display Addon (Titan Panel, Bazooka,Button Bin, Chocolate Bar, ...)

Please note

  • On first time you must open all tradeskill frames from every character once to scan for tradeskill links, trade cooldowns and craftable items.
  • Tooltips can not be disabled over the broker display addon, so do this directly in Broker_ProfessionsMenu options (Right Click -> Settings -> Tooltips)

Known Issues

  • TOC update for patch 7.3

  • Fixed default localization loading issue

  • Fixed global localization loading issue (oohh my bad..:)
  • Fixed broker2fubar icon error (Thx RunawayCurse)

  • Fixed localization issue

  • Profession items igrore list added for Milling,Prospecting,Disenchanting (use CTRL + leftclick on item into list to ignore them)

  • Profession sorting bug fixed
  • Updated Shared CDs (Legion Transmutations)
  • Fixed PTR menu display error

  • TOC update for patch 7.1
  • Alt professions display list sorted by profession name order (A-Z)

  • Fixed Fishing and Archaeology opening error on non english clients

  • New Feature: Cross-realm cooldowns displayed (dafault:on,switch off if tooltip is very saturated)
  • New Feature: Scanning non trade skill profession levels (Fishing,Archaeology,Pick Locking)
  • New Feature: Mass lockboxes opening implemented into tooltip

  • Fixed quicklanuncher display error

  • Fixed invalid profession rank storing error

  • Fixed rare deleted professions tooltip error

  • New Feature: Cross Realm support (old data wiped,character rescan required)
  • New Feature: Profession levels in other characters show into tooltip
  • New Feature: Last profession icon and name show in LDB (dafault:on)
  • Fixed scanner error with addons that not using blizzard tradeskill frame (TSM,ect)

  • Fixed transmutation sharedCD tooltip text duplication error (use resetcd to clear stucked cds)
  • Fixed skills cooldown reset timer (not tested on all trade skills)

  • Fixed GetSpellInfo() conflict

  • Fixed conflict with other addons.

  • Fixed DK runeforging error with skillet

  • Fixed DK runeforging spell/settings menu error
  • Fixed dropdown menu (incorrectly displaying herbalism and mining skill)
  • Fixed skill scanner (herbalism,mining,first aid now scanning)

  • New Feature: Displaying toast notification after the cooldown timer has expired
  • Fixed invidual recipe cooldown scanning
  • Fixed tooltip colors
  • Fixed favorites menu,favorite recipes getting from blizzard UI
  • Fixed Legion max profession level error

  • New Feature: Main tooltip professions clickable
  • New Feature: Menu font sizes selectable,default 14 pt (Thx Amaedeus)
  • Fixed "last opened profession" functionality
  • Old secureframe removed,TitanPanel functionality fixed (tested on ChocolateBar,TitanPanel)
  • TradeSkills spell launchers removed,only profession launchers remaining
  • Main tooltip rewrited to QTip library

  • Fixed other character profession menu icon error
  • TradeSkill cooldown list character colorize by class color

  • TradeSkill scanning rewrite (blizzard changes,faster)
  • Fix separate launchers list
  • Fixed Millable/Prostectable quick item menu (work now with autoloot)

  • Legion pre-patch fixes

  • Fixed 6.2.4 errors and prepare to Legion pre-patch


  • Bugfix (Trainer Frame)


  • added option to disable trainer frame


  • Added: Trainer Frame (now you can see everywhere, when your trainer have a new skill)
  • Moved favorite button to a better place


  • Bugfix: Ticket


  • Updated: Mass-Disenchanting/Milling/Prospecting (for new Cata items)
  • Updated: Shared CDs
  • Added: Hiding professions (from list)


  • Bugfix: Button moving with Fortress


  • Bugfix: Rune Forging


  • Bugfix: Favorite Button/List (favorites are reseted)
  • Added: CD-Timer in Favorite Tooltips
  • Added/Fixed: Lock Picking and Rune Forging


  • Removed option "Unlock"
  • Favorite List: Added option "Create All"
  • Added option to show CDs und Tradeskills of both factions
  • Added option to disable Tooltips
  • Bugfix (Ticket): ChocolateBar disappears when hovering over icon
  • (Changed the handling of the secure button, so please report me, if you find bugs)


  • Updated for patch 4.0.1 (settings are resetet)
  • Removed weapon skills
  • Updated Dewdrop Lib


  • bug fix


  • new: easy and fast mass disenchanting/milling/prospecting (with auto looting)
  • new: you can add often used trade skills to a favorite list for quick access (shift+rightclick on the broker button to open favorites)
  • added: function to exchange mouse buttons
  • fixed bug: some skills are not shown in tooltip


  • fixed small bug (hopefully the last)


  • new: shows in item and recipe tooltips, if one of your characters can craft/enchant this (Supports Atlasloot Tooltips)
  • bugfixes


  • fixed error with drop down menu


  • fixed error in english localization


  • small bugfixes


  • new: you can create separate quick launchers (brokers) for every trade skills (listet as "Launcher: NAME" in your display addon)
  • new: tracks your trade cooldown timers (all character from same server and faction)
  • new: you can link tradeskill windows from all of your characters to chat or to yourself (same server and faction)


  • new: tracks your trade cooldown timers (all character from same server and faction)
  • removed "Show Text" function, because every display addon can do this

0.3b Beta

  • new: you can quick launch four specific trade skills via leftclick (leftclick, shift+leftclick, ctrl+leftclick, alt+leftclick) on the broker button
  • small bugfixes

0.2b Beta

  • fixed issues with chocolate bar
  • other fixes

0.1b Beta

  • first beta release
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