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About Broker_TradeCooldowns


An LDB data source that serves a dual purpose. First, it displays all of your current skills (professions and secondary). Second, it allows you to view the cooldowns on your tradeskills on all the toons on a particular account. These cooldowns are tracked from the last time you opened your tradeskill panel.


Configuration options are reached by right-clicking on the LDB display.


  • Skills are not visible in this display until you have opened them at least once.

Translation help

I will be converting the locale files to the new wowace localization system soon. In the meantime, please submit tickets with localization strings and I will include them in the next build.

New to LDB?

You can find a great description, and links to more information here:


Comments, Suggestions or Problems?

Comments are disabled for this project. Please use the ticketing system if you wish to provide feedback.

James D. Callahan III <>
2015-02-24 07:58:56 -0600


James D. Callahan III:
    - Updated ToC Interface to 60100.
    - Changed label to "BTC".

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