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  • Updated Oct 15, 2014
  • Created Aug 30, 2010
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About Boss whisper

This addon will play boss whispers every 1 min when you are on your walk, questing etc. it supports sounds from The Lich King, Ashbringer, C'thun and Yogg saron.

Here is what Yogg saron will say: They are coming for you... Give in to your fear... Kill them all... before they kill you... They have turned against you... now, take your revenge... Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends... There is no escape... not in this life... not in the next... You are a pawn of forces unseen... It WAS your fault...

It is made for role players that wants to listen to boss whispers automatically rather then always type /script PlaySoundFile("Sound

Here is the Lua file:

Update to work with 6.0.2


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