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About BonusRollPreview


BonusRollPreview allows you to see at a blance what the possible yields from a bonus roll would be.
When the bonus roll window shows up, press the arrow button to show a quick preview of items.
You can also change your spec priority right from the window, see the button in the top left corner.

So, from now on you don't have to alt-tab to a browser or open the Encounter Journal while on limited time.

This addon was made based on an idea posted on reddit.


If you have a question, please use the comments section on Curse/WoWInterface.
If you would like to report a bug or contribute to the project, please follow this link to get started.


Please see the LICENSE file.

Changes in 70000.32-Release:

  • Added: Support for The Nighthold raid
  • Added: Support for Trial of Valor raid
  • Added: Support for Return to Karazhan dungeon
  • Fixed: Incorrect loot tables for Elerethe and Il'gynoth in Emerald Nightmare

Changes in 70000.31-Release:

  • Changed: Hardcoded all the encounter and instance data, less prone to errors

Changes in 70000.30-Release:

  • Fixed: Syntax error

Changes in 70000.29-Release:

  • Fixed: Loot not showing up due to changes in Legion
  • Fixed: Backround texture of handle not applying correctly
  • Fixed: Loot not updating correctly when changing loot specs
  • Fixed: Supreme Lord Kazzak loot not displaying correctly

Changes in 70000.28-Release:

  • Added: Support for (most of) Legion's raid encounters
  • Added: Support for Legion's dungeon encounters
  • Added: Support for Legion's world encounters
  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 60200.27-Release:

  • Fixed: Items sometimes not showing correctly
  • Removed: Old addon detection

Changes in 60200.26-Release:

  • Added: Support for 6.2 raid encounters
  • Added: Support for 6.2 world encounters
  • Added: Support for mythic dungeons
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: World bosses sometimes not working correctly

Changes in 60100.25-Release:

  • Fixed: Item "Solar Spirehawk" should no longer show up in the list
  • Fixed: Rare error when using the spec buttons

Changes in 60100.24-Release:

  • Added: Global name references to every frame
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Slider showing when there are no items
  • Fixed: Properly wrap multiline strings

Changes in 60000.23-Release:

  • Fixed: Incorrect difficulties for pre-Siege of Orgrimmar content
  • Fixed: Item list sometimes not containing full amount of items
  • Fixed: Tooltips not showing correct item for Heroic and Mythic items

Changes in 60000.22-Release:

  • Added: Support for "Warlords of Draenor" world encounters

Changes in 60000.21-Release:

  • Added: Support for "Warlords of Draenor" raid encounters
  • Removed: Compatability code for "Mists of Pandaria"

Changes in 50400.20-Release:

  • Fixed: The arithmetic errors, hopefully

Changes in 50400.19-Release:

  • Added: Prelimiary work on "Warlords of Draenor" raid bosses
  • Added: Changelog file
  • Fixed: Arithmatic errors when the player doesn't have the currency to initiate a bonus roll

Changes in 50400.18-Release:

  • Added: Blacklist for raid mounts and Garrosh heirlooms as they cannot be rewarded by a bonus roll
  • Added: Highlight texture to the loot specialization buttons
  • Fixed: ShoppingTooltip3 is gone in the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion
  • Fixed: Container not showing on second roll
  • Fixed: Loot specialization buttons not showing on first use

Changes in 50400.17-Release:

  • Fixed: Delay the populate direction logic until the bonus roll frame has been positioned

Changes in 50400.16-Release:

  • Added: License
  • Added: Custom dropdown to avoid tainting default UI
  • Changed: Use fancy logic to populate the item list upwards or downwards
  • Removed: Options

Changes in 50400.14-Release:

  • Changed: Rename the addon to "BonusRollPreview"
  • Fixed: Options not being selected/shown when using chat command

Changes in 50400.13-Release:

  • Added: Scrolling item list to avoid the list going off the screen on some bosses
  • Changed: Prepare for the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion by rewriting the database
  • Changed: The Celestial bosses share the same spellID, only register one
  • Fixed: Delay the Galakras encounterID check until player login

Changes in 50400.12-Release:

  • Fixed: Apparently Galakras have different encounterIDs from client to client

Changes in 50400.11-Release:

  • Fixed: Incorrect encounterID for Galakras

Changes in 50400.10-Release:

  • Added: Support for the "alwaysCompareItems" cvar
  • Changed: Update encounters database
  • Changed: Update Interface version
  • Fixed: Instance difficulty

Changes in 50300.8-Beta:

  • Added: Options
  • Added: Support for loot specialization
  • Changed: Update Interface version

Changes in 50300.7-Beta:

  • Added: Support for 5.3's API changes

Changes in 50200.6-Beta:

  • Fixed: Incorrect spellID for Galleon

Changes in 50200.5-Beta:

  • Changed: Disable the journal when we're changing it's variables
  • Fixed: Positioning of the different elements

Changes in 50200.4-Beta:

  • Added: Logic to support populating the list downwards
  • Added: Error reporting to the chat
  • Changed: Create the specialization buttons on demand
  • Changed: Create the handle on demand
  • Changed: Set the encounterID to the journal to force correct loot
  • Fixed: Proper difficulty index based on default UI
  • Fixed: Item list items storing
  • Fixed: Item list height
  • Fixed: Item tooltip position
  • Fixed: Issues with item population due to misspelled event "EJ_LOOT_DATA_RECIEVED"

Changes in 50200.3-Beta:

  • Added: Specialization buttons
  • Added: Notice if there are no items
  • Fixed: Item list populating and clearing
  • Fixed: Framelevel issues with the textures and frames

Changes in 50200.2-Beta:

  • Fixed: Difficulty index

Changes in 50200.1-Beta:

  • First public release
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