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  • Updated Jun 24, 2017
  • Created Mar 25, 2008
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About BigWigs Bossmods

BigWigs is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:


BigWigs is a boss encounter add-on. It consists of many individual encounter scripts, or boss modules; mini add-ons that are designed to trigger alert messages, timer bars, sounds, and so forth, for one specific raid encounter.

Looking for functionality that BigWigs doesn't cover? Try these addons:

  • LittleWigs is a plugin for BigWigs and covers all forms of 5 man and solo content.
  • Capping covers various battleground and world PvP timers.
  • oRA3 covers all sorts of raid management functionality including raid cooldowns and Battle Res counting.
  • Old content can be installed by doing a search for BigWigs on Curse and installing the appropriate expansion addon.


Please remember that we are always interested in hearing directly from you. About anything you want to share or ask. You can report issues on GitHub or contact us on Discord.

Our goals

When raiding, a high framerate is important. We understand that every extra frame matters, so BigWigs aims to be as efficient as possible. The memory/second and CPU/second footprint of BigWigs is the lowest of all boss mod addons. When modules are written, every aspect of the encounter is inspected. Is add-on synchronisation required? Is target scanning required? What events are really needed? We also aim to have the latest encounter scripts released ASAP; not long after the first few attempts of a brand new boss, we usually have a working encounter script for it.


Thanks to the wonderful WoW community for help with transcripts, translations, libraries, etc. This addon is powered by you.


v59 (2017-06-24)

Full Changelog

  • bump version
  • TombOfSargeras/Kiljaeden: fix guid usage
  • TombOfSargeras/Kiljaeden: Update Say warnings and add Icon for Focused Dreadflame
  • Update koKR.lua (#273)
  • TombOfSargeras/SistersoftheMoon: fix full dark/light ability timers on phase transition (#272)
  • TombOfSargeras/Goroth: Stop warnings for Crashing Comet DoT effect
  • TombOfSargeras/Trash: Cancel bar/say warnings if Polymorph Bomb is removed early
  • TombOfSargeras/Locales: Update locales
  • TombOfSargeras/FallenAvatar: Shorten Touch of Sargeras cast/meteors
  • TombOfSargeras/Sasszine: Tune Burden of Pain sounds and make it Tank only warnings
  • TombOfSargeras/Goroth: Fix missing Burning Armor timers when the tank avoids the debuff
  • Kil'jaeden: Use shorter names for Shadow Reflections and Darkness of a Thousand Souls, fix Shadow Reflection: Wailing spell id
  • Kiljaeden: Add Demonic Obelisk timers
  • Update ToS locales (#274)
  • Kiljaeden: Add a bar for Singularity Impacts, don't show Flaming Orbs in LFR/Normal
  • Plugins/AltPower: Refresh the display every second instead of every 2 seconds.
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