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About Angry World Quests

Adds a filterable lists of world quests and their rewards to quest log on the world map. So you can easily browse through all the world quests available to you.


  • Emissary Quests - Only show world quests that are a criteria for a current emissary quest. Can right click this filter to select only a specific emissary quest.
  • Time Remaining - Shows world quests that have less then 6 hours remaining (duration configurable in options panel).
  • Artifact Power - Shows world quests that reward an item that increases Artifact Power.
  • Loot - Shows world quests that reward an equipable item. Can right click this filter to have it show items that are an item level upgrade over your currently equipped item.
  • Order Resources - Shows world quests that reward Order Resources.
  • Gold - Shows world quests that reward Gold.
  • Items - Shows world quests that reward non-equipable items, ex: Blood of Sargeras.
  • Faction - Shows world quests that reward reputation with that Faction. Doesn't show world quest that don't provide reputation at your current standing. Disabled by default.
  • PvP - Shows world quests for PvP. Disabled by default.
  • Professions - Shows world quests for professions. Disabled by default.
  • Pet Battles - Shows world quests for pet battles. Disabled by default.

Multiple filters can be selected by shift clicking on them. When multiple are selected a world quest has to only match one of the filters.

Configuration Options

The configuration panel can be accessed in the Interface settings, or by the command /awq.

  • Display at the top of the Quest Log - Toggle if the world quest list is displayed above or below regular quests in the quest log
  • Only show World Quests for the current zone - If toggled will only display world quests for the current zone, instead of all world quests.
  • Show World Quests on every map - If toggled will show all world quests on maps outside of the Broken Isles.
  • Show World Quest POI icons on the Broken Isles map - If toggled will show world quest icons on the Broken Isles map.
  • Hide filtered World Quest POI icons on the world map - If toggled will hide world quests icons on the world map for quests that are filtered out.
  • Hide untracked World Quest POI icons on the world map - If toggled will only show world quests icons on the world map for quests that are tracked.
  • Always show hovered World Quest POI icon - If toggled it will show the world quest icon for world quests hovered in the list while Broken Isles map or while hidden by one of the previous options.
  • Show only upgrades for Loot filter - If toggled the loot filter will by default only show upgrades, can still right click filter to show all items.
  • Time Remaining Filter Duration - Maximum duration for world quests to show with the time remaining filter.
  • Sort Method - Sort World Quests by this criteria.
  • Enabled Filters - Controls which filters are displayed on the quest list.
  • Per-character configuration - Wehn enabled the settings while be used for only this character.

## v0.18.2

* Added Argussian Reach to faction filter

## v0.18.1

* Bugfix for v0.18.0

## v0.18.0

* Support for 7.3.0

## v0.17.8

* Bug fix for 7.3.0

## v0.17.7

* Bug fix for 7.2.5

## v0.17.6

* Added Nethershard filter.

## v0.17.5

* Update for Faction filter reputation.

## v0.17.4

* Support for display Artifact Power amounts over 1 million.

## v0.17.3

* Added support for Raid World Quest type.
* Adjusted display of Legionfall War Supplies rewards.

## v0.17.2

* Added Armies of Legionfall to faction filter.

## v0.17.1

* Bugfix for Legionfall War Supplies filter.

## v0.17.0

* Update for 7.2.
* Added Legionfall War Supplies Filter.

## v0.16.4

* Added a new filter for showing Dungeon World Quests.

## v0.16.3

* Tooltips for World Quests with over 1 day time left now show more precise time left.
* If "DropDownMenu" library is present it will be used over builtin dropdown menus, so to not cause taint.

## v0.16.2

* Shift-clicking on a World Quest with chatbox open now links the World Quest

## v0.16.1

* Faction filter now shows world quests for factions you have reputation capped

## v0.16.0

* Added filter for rare world quests

## v0.15.9

* Added deDE localization

## v0.15.7

* Fixed bug with an error displaying on the Trial of Valor map in certain situations

## v0.15.6

* Additional changes to showing tracked world quests on flight map

## v0.15.5

* Added some tweaks to make default UI showing tracked world quests on flight map more reliable

## v0.15.4

* Removing show tracked world quests on flight map since it is provided by the default UI

## v0.15.3

* Fixed position bug with display Angry World Quests at bottom of quest list in 7.1

## v0.15.2

* ToC update for 7.1

## v0.15.1

* Emissary Quests that are completed but waiting to be turned in are now removed from the filter

## v0.15.0

* Updated locales

## v0.14.0

* Added showing tracked world quests on the Flight Map panel, can be disabled in the options

## v0.13.6

* Bug fix for when quest has multiple rewards

## v0.13.5

* Bug fix for French locale

## v0.13.4

* Removed using order hall adavancement to complete quests, seems to be protected function

## v0.13.3

* Bug fixes with French locale

## v0.13.2

* Updated Korean localization

## v0.13.1

* Fixed bug with displaying Artifact Power amounts while Colorblind mode was enabled

## v0.13.0

* Added a filter for showing tracked quests and quests by zone. They are disabled by default, and can be enabled in the config panel (/awq)
* Added option for Loot (Upgrades) filter to show items with a certain ilvl range instead of always higher ilvl only

## v0.12.2

* Bug fix for last release

## v0.12.1

* Added new button in filter row to change the sort method. It is disabled by default, and can be enabled in the config panel (/awq)

## v0.12.0

* Added a new sort method by rewards

## v0.11.4

* Some bugfixes for rewards display

## v0.11.3

* Small bugfix from last release

## v0.11.2

* When more then 7 filters are displayed the filters are moved to a new row to not overlap with the header text
* Changed Faction filter to remember last selection, can change selection by right-clicking on it
* A few small fixes and improvements

## v0.11.1

* Updated localizations
* Changed behavior slightly when Emissary filter was selected in addition to others
* Now checks world quests to show from Eye of Azshara and Broken Shore zones

## v0.11.0

* Added an option to enable per-character configuration
* Added Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Russian localizations

## v0.10.0

* Added PvP, Profession, and Pet Battles filter. These are disabled by default, and can be enabled in the config panel (/awq)
* Active filters are now not saved across reloads. So won't have an active filter from last session you forget about

## v0.9.2

* Faction filter now also works for World Quests that reward two reputations

## v0.9.0

* Added new Faction filter. It is disabled by default due to space concerns, can enable it config panel (/awq)

## v0.8.1

* Added Korean localization, courtesy of next96

## v0.8.0

* Added Spanish localization, courtesy of MrUrkaz

## v0.7.3

* Fixed bug with sorting World Quests by Time Left

## v0.7.2

* Fixed "Show World Quests on every map" from not functioning in certain zones

## v0.7.1

* Shows a question mark icon next to quests in progress
* Fixed bug with sorting by faction

## v0.7.0

* Added configuration option to sort World Quests by different values. Name, Time Remaining

## v0.6.4

* Show profession world quest icon

## v0.6.3

* Changed rounding behavior of AP rewards.
* Small bug fixes.

## v0.6.2

* Added support for completing World Quests by spell on quest list entries.
* Slight behavior change for show hovered POI icons.
* Small bug fixes.

## v0.6.1

* Bug fixes.

## v0.6.0

* Added option to show all World Quest POI icons on the Broken Isles map.
* Small bug fixes.

## v0.5.5

* Small bug fixes.

## v0.5.4

* Bug fix for "Hide untracked World Quest POI icons"

## v0.5.3

* Small bug fixes.

## v0.5.2

* Added option for Loot Filter to only show upgrades by default.
* Loot Upgrades filter now checks Artifact Relics for upgrades.

## v0.5.1

* Added ability to filter to only Loot Upgrades, can access it by right clicking the Loot filter.
* Specific Emissary Quest filter is reset when it is unselected.

## v0.5.0

* Added ability to filter only certain Emissary Quests. Right click on the Emissary filter to get a dropdown to select one.
-- You now need to shift click on filters to select multiple ones.
* Added option to show all World Quests on every map.
* Added option to disable certain filters.

## v0.4.2

* Small bug fixes.

## v0.4.1

* Added option to adjust the duration for the low time remaining filter.

## v0.4.0

* Added option to hide filtered World Quest POI icons on the world map.

## v0.3.1

* Added new option to show hovered World Quest POI icon on the Broken Isles continent map.

## v0.3.0

* Added a new filter for quests with low time remaining. 6 hours currently, will add a config option later.
* Added an icon that displays when quests are low on time. 75 minutes currently, matching the default UI.

## v0.2.1

* Change tracking interactions to match quest log/map icons.
* Added setting to hide World Quest map POI icons.

## v0.2.0

* Added filters.
* Added some config options, in addon panel or bring up with /awq.
* Misc changes.

## v0.1.0

* Initial release.

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