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About Angry Keystones

Adds additional information to the Mythic Keystone objective tracker.

Bonus Chest Timer

Adds a secondary timer next to main one to show time left for bonus chests. Shows in gold for time for 2 bonus chest, and in silver for time for 1 bonus chest. It also adds a line on the timer bar to mark when this will occur.

Extended Progress Bar

Shows more exact information on how much Enemies Forces progress is needed. Either displaying it as a more exact percent (24.19%) or as a numerical value (90/372), or both. Will also show on enemy tooltips how much progress they each give, after killing them once to learn how much progress they give.

Death Tracker

Will show an icon in the objective tracker with total number of deaths for the current run. Hover over it for a tooltip to show a breakdown of deaths per player, and the total time lost. It won't count deaths very far away from you that didn't show in the combat log.

Keystone Linking

Replaces Keystones links you see in chat from [Mythic Keystone] to [Keystone: The Arcway - Level 5], will also color it grey if it is depleted.

Auto Gossip

During Mythic Keystone dungeons it will automatically select gossip entries for you. For example for starting Odyn and his trash, and Court of Stars buff objects.

Also has an option to output the clue from Chatty Rumormongers to party chat during the Court of Stars event. Currently only available for English locales.


Configuration options can be accessed with /akeys, or in the addon interface options panel. There is an option for auto gossip, format of progress bar, and whether to show progress value on enemy tooltips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you disable hiding the objective tracker during boss battles?

This is caused by another addon, likely DBM, hiding the tracker during boss battles. To disable this, uncheck the "Hide watch (objective) frame during boss fights..." in the "Blizzard Disable & Hide" area of DBM settings.

I received an ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED error, can you fix it?

First try disabling the "Hide quest and achievement trackers during Mythic Keystones" and "Show objective tracker after Mythic Keystone completion" configuration options.

ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED very frequently doesn't accurately blame the correct addon. There is a reason that is not displayed as a standard Lua error by default, and you need an additional addon (like BugGrabber) to even see the contents of the message. If you really believe it is AngryKeystone causing the error and causes a defect to occur, please first verify the error appears with only AngryKeystones enabled and that it stops happening when it is disabled.

## v0.12.7

* Update for 7.3

## v0.12.6

* German localization update

## v0.12.5

* Reenabled and updated the schedule feature

## v0.12.4

* When death tracker is enabled hide the newly added default one.

## v0.12.3

* Small bug fix.

## v0.12.2

* Updated Locales.

## v0.12.1

* Removed options continue showing tracker at end of Keystone runs and hide quest and achievements during keystones, due to taint issues since the LFG change.

## v0.12.0

* Added ability to automatically slot keystone into keystone activation window.

## v0.11.2

* Updated Locales.

## v0.11.1

* Bugfix for 7.2.0.

## v0.11.0

* Initial update for 7.2.0. Schedule is disabled for now, since unsure of new schedule.

## v0.10.1

* Small bug fix.

## v0.10.0

* Added option to show popup to reset instances after leaving a Mythic Keystone dungeon.

## v0.9.5

* Update for 7.1.5.

## v0.9.4

* Locale updates.

## v0.9.3

* Displays a message when schedule isn't displayed due to not having a level 7+ Keystone, instead of just hiding the frame.
* If "DropDownMenu" library is present it will be used over builtin dropdown menus, so to not cause taint.

## v0.9.2

* Updated koKR locale, including support for outputting rumors in Court of Stars.

## v0.9.1

* Updated zhCN locale, including support for outputting rumors in Court of Stars.

## v0.9.0

* Added ability to hide Talking Head dialog during Mythic Keystone dungeons. Can be disabled in the settings.
* Added new progress format option for showing remaining progress.

## v0.8.1

* Updated zhCN and zhTW locales.
* When hiding quest and achievement trackers, they are shown when in a completed Mythic Keystone dungeon.

## v0.8.0

* Added an option to hide quest and achievement trackers during Mythic Keyston dungeons. Disabled by default and required Reload UI to take effect.

## v0.7.1

* Updated koKR localization.

## v0.7.0

* Added a Schedule section to the Mythic Dungeon pane show the order of upcoming affixes. Will only display if you currently have a level 7+ Keystone in your inventory.
* Added an option to continue showing objective tracker after the completion of a Mythic Keystone dungeon. Disabled by default.

## v0.6.9

* Small bug fix for progress tooltips

## v0.6.8

* Small bug fixes

## v0.6.7

* Small bug fixes

## v0.6.6

* Fix for auto gossip for NPCs with static popups

## v0.6.5

* Added split timings message to completion message
* Fix for auto gossip on zone out NPC in Vault of the Wardens
* Updated locales

## v0.6.4

* Minor bug fix for death tracker

## v0.6.3

* Death tracker no longer counts Feign Death or Surrender to Madness deaths

## v0.6.2

* ToC update for 7.1
* Updated zhCN, zhTW locales

## v0.6.1

* Updated deDE localization

## v0.6.0

* Added death tracker to timer frame. Shows total number of deaths that run, with tooltip showing breakdown per player. Can be disabled in options.
* Reduced size of affix icons in timer frame, to make room for other information. Can be disabled in options.

## v0.5.2

* Fixed bug with progress tooltips in certain locales
* Reaves is now excluded from auto gossip

## v0.5.1

* Added option to adjust display for split timings on objective tracker

## v0.5.0

* Added option to show text output at completion of runs showing final run time
* Added option to display of how long each objective took to complete in objective tracker

## v0.4.0

* Added new feature to output to chat clues from Chatty Rumormongers during the Court of Stars event. Disabled by default, and currently only available in English locales
* When you go pass the time limit, the counter will now start counting up for how far past you are
* Added option to show 2 bonus chest timer while 3 bonus chest timer is still active
* Added zhCN and zhTW locales

## v0.3.0

* Added new feature to auto select gossip entries (ex: Odyn) during Keystone dungeons

## v0.2.1

* Added koKR locale

## v0.2.0

* Added ruRU, deDE, and esES locales

## v0.1.3

* Adds progress tooltips at end of tooltips when translation for current language is missing

## v0.1.2

* Bug fix for Keystone links from other languages

## v0.1.1

* Bug fix for progress tooltips

## v0.1

* Initial release

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