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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Aug 22, 2016
  • Created Nov 3, 2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.0

About AdiButtonAuras


Display auras, and more, on action buttons.

AdiButtonAuras is a rewrite of Inline Aura, but with different design decisions based on my experience with the latter.

AdiButtonAuras uses a set of rules that apply to one or more spells. Each rule can track an aura on one or more units and change the display of the spell accordingly.

AdiButtonAuras has several custom rules to suggest using spells at meaningful times. By default, these suggestions are displayed using a rotary, shinning star on the associated action buttons. These can be disabled.

Development version build status: Build Status

Getting started

Before heading straight into a raid and/or playing with the options, you may want to read this short Getting started guide, which will introduce you to the basics of AdiButtonAuras.


Global options

  • do not show flashing border for actions on cooldown (does not affect Blizzard flash)
  • do not show flashing border for actions out of combat (does not affect Blizzard flash)
  • select how suggestions are displayed (hidden, rotary star or flashing border)

Spell/item options

  • disable the spell
  • Show flash instead: replace any highlight with the flashing border animation
  • Inverted highlight: highlight the spell when it is missing
  • select which rules should apply

Theme options

  • customizable texts: font, size and colors
  • change the colors of the "good" and "bad" highlights
  • select the highlight amongst 11 different textures

User-defined rules

AdiButtonAuras allows you to enter and save your own rules, using a Lua-based language. Take a look at the rule reference to see what is available.


  • sharing of custom rules in-game using hyperlinks, and out-of-game using copy-pastable strings.
  • better documentation with more examples about custom rules.

Supported classes and specializations

Most of the simple (de)buffs are supported through embedded libraries:

Special cases and hints are handled using customized rules, see below.

There is also a default rule for items not supported by LibItemBuffs-1.0.


When I try to configure a spell, the button is dimmed and I cannot choose it. Why?

AdiButtons has no rule about this spell yet. Consider filling an issue.

Why are some rules ending with some obscure characters between brackets, like [LPS-DRUID-5.4.1-7]?

These are references to the libraries AdiButtonAuras used to create the rule.

  • LPS-XXX-A.B.C-N: data from LibPlayerSpells-1.0 for class XXX, patch A.B.C, Nth revision. E.g. "[LPS-DRUID-5.4.1-7]" stands for "rule created accordingly to LibPlayerSpells-1.0 data for druid, patch 5.4.1, 7th revision."
  • LSB-N: LibSpellbook-1.0, Nth revision.
  • LD-N: LibDispellable-1.0, Nth revision.
  • LIB-N-XXX: LibItemBuffs-1.0, Nth revision, XXX data version

Are you going to support ElvUI?

AdiButtonAuras should work with ElvUI. I am not going to support its skin though.

Are you going to add a configuration panel to create custom rules?

Not in the way InlineAura did it. However you can create custom rules in-game using the Lua API.

Contributions & feedback

The project is open-source and hosted on You can report issues there. Pull request are also welcome. Adirelle often hangs around on the freenode IRC network in the #wowace channel.

Before reporting issues

  • Please check if any errors happened and paste the exact error messages in the issue.
  • Open the configuration panel, check "Debugging tooltip" and look for the spell identifier by hovering the spell icon in the spellbook, on your action bars and in the (de)buff display. Report these numbers in the issue.
  • Regarding flashing, disable AdiButtonAuras and check if the unwanted behavior is caused by the default UI. Please do not report issues caused by the default UI.


Thanks to the following people for testing and contributing to AdiButtonAuras and related libraries.

Contributors (in alphabetical order):


AdiButtonAuras is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

tag 2.0
Rainrider <>
2016-08-22 10:52:20 +0200

Tagging release 2.0 (Legion ready)

Honor talents are still to be included


    - docs: a quick review
    - Use github's issue template
    - core: remove DRData
    We no longer depend on it for CC DR categories.
    - core: use LPS for CC DR rules
    - core: support artifact traits in DebugTooltip
    - pkgmeta: fix git urls for LSB and LIB
    - mage: track Arcane Familiar by its totem rather than the aura
    - monk: add a rule for the duration of summoned statues
    - core: add GetPetTimeRemaining to the save environment
    ... aaaaaand to the list of globals :peep:
    - monk: add a rule to track duration of the Invoke spells
    - rules: and of course I missed one
    My opinion about global lists is a very long :peep:
    - :fireworks: Copyright 2016
    - rules: refresh the list of globals
    - core: clean up the save environment
    Removed GetComboPoints and GetEclipseDirection
    - rogue: exclude Night Terrors
    - rules: add GetDebuff to the list of globals
    - rules: add a rule to show Surrendered Soul on battle res spells
    - core: get the version of the queried category only
    - core: track all sources for auras with multiple sources
    - core: providers are now the 5th value for ShowPower
    Also update the docs.
    - docs: update ShowStacks
    - death knight: make use of ShowStacks for Razorice
    - core: ShowStacks now works for player's debuffs too
    The unit must be set to "enemy" for this.
    - mage: add some rules for frost
    - mage: add a rule for Heating Up
    - paladin: rule for Power of the Silver Hand
    Display only timer for the build-up and timer and border for the spender
    buff. Untested
    - paladin: add a rule for Light's Hammer
    - paladin: add some rules for protection
    Blessing of Spellwarding
    Avenger's Shield Interrupt for non-players' casts
    - priest: show Atonement on Plea and Power Word: Radiance only
    Both don't have other effects associated.
    Also exclude Share in the Light
    - priest: add GetPlayerDebuff to the list of globals
    This is really annoying
    - priest: add some rules for shadow
    - rogue: update for assassination
    Exclude Surge of Toxins, From the Shadows, Blood of the Assassinated and
    - warlock: add UnitName to the list of globals
    - rogue: show combo points on spenders
    - warlock: add some rules for demonology
    - warlock: add a rule for Soul Effigy
    - core: add UnitName to the safe environment
    - warlock: add some rules for destruction
    - warrior:  prevent division by zero in the rule for Execute
    - shaman: add some more totems
    Only show totem duration and no border as some totems have associated
    auras without duration that will draw the border
    - Bump the ToC of AdiButtonAuras_Config
    - Switch back to the wowace repo of DRData-1.0
    - shaman: add a rule for enhancement
    Show Maelstrom on Lightning Bolt when the Overcharge talent is chosen.
    Hint at 45 Maelstrom
    - core: allow providers for ShowPower
    - Another attempt at deploying tags.
    - Deploy: tweaking the deploy condition.
    - mage: add some rules
    - shaman: add some rules for elemental
    - Changed deploy condition to push tags.
    - paladin: more work on my tunnel vision
    - paladin: fix my indentation fail
    - Use SetColorTexture instead of SetTexture
    Fixes "darken" and "lighten" highlights
    - paladin: add some rules for retribution
    - warrior: add a rule for Execute
    - death knight: add some rules for unholy
    - death knight: add rule for Razorice
    Show the stacks of Razorice on Frost Strike when the talent Shattering
    Strikes is selected.
    - Fixed webhook URL.
    - Set up git-attributes.
    - Fixed
    - Avoid to ever commit the unencrypted key.
    [skip ci]
    - Automatically push to wowace on successful build.
    - Fixed Travis-CI builds.
    - Fix combo points handling
    - druid: add rules for combo points spenders and Efflorescence
    - Fix README links
    - Make FindGlobals. shut up
    - common: add back missing LPS
    - Update links to DRData
    DRData-1.0 is not hosted on wowace anymore so it has to be embedded.
    - Remove raid buffs from common rules
    - Add LibArtifactData-1.0 dependency
    - Update .pkgmeta for the new project org
    - Remove all custom rules for a clean start
    - Add the demon hunter class
    - items: fix consumables detection
    - common: comment out some of the removed spells
    - Don't load Items.lua for now
    GetAuctionItemClasses is gone in Legion
    TODO look for replacement

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