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  • Updated Nov 12, 2016
  • Created Dec 20, 2010
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About Achievement Sounds

Now includes Bill's Utils as a library but it can still be installed from either of these links:

Never miss an achievement again. This addon does not auto-grats because some Achievements are just not worth a grat and it could get spammy if it did.

Achievement Sounds can play a sound and pop up a small window alerting when someone in your party / guild or near you gets an achievement. The popup will disappear in 15 (default) seconds if you don't click the "Grats" button or "Cancel" button. It can also displays the achievement in MSBT's notification frame if installed. When you click the "Grat" button it will send a "Grats" to the person that is randomly generated according to the configured settings or the default grat that can also be set in-game by you. There are MANY options that you can set and if there isn't an option for what you want let me know and I will try and add it. (If only I could find a way to send ascii chars greater than 127)

All options are defaulted on but can be changed by the slash command /achsnd or by the GUI config screen that is in with all your other addon config screens or by typing "/achsnd config" The custom "Grats Alert" frame that can be moved and positioned wherever you like. You can also change the fade behavior of the frame, and minimum alpha, and more

Added a new command "/achsnd cmdlist" that explains what the command line switches do. Added Nickname support for the grats. Type "/asnn" for more info (they store per server)

To use a custom sound file for the alert just copy a file named alert.mp3 or alert.ogg into the addon directory before you start WoW

  • for mp3 type "/achsnd custommp3 on"
  • for ogg type "/achsnd customogg on"

The Grats can now put the person's name (up to 10 people configurable) peoples nicknames and do mass grats like the whole guild (ie "Grats my Guildies" instead of just "Grats") with adjustable thresholds also to go from "Grats you 6" to "Grats my Peeps"

Now filters out achievements from the opposite faction when you have near grats on(except for pandas).

Now has the option to not alert you when you are in an active pvp battleground or TB / WG


  • 7.1 update
  • fixed blizzard ui changes
  • changed alert frame code to be more efficient
  • fixed the test of the message frame so it doesn't reset the configuration back to pre-test settings


  • 6.x update


  • control panel fixes


  • fix to control panel
  • Bill's Utils update


  • typo fix
  • should be able to grat to instance groups
  • BillsUtils update


  • updated Bills Utils
  • better panda faction detection
  • toc bump


  • added ability to shut off flourishes on the grats
  • added ability to disable raid icons in flourishes
  • rewrote random grat generator and localized variables closer to where they are used


  • toc update
  • MoP Update


  • made the achievements clickable
  • added a mouse wheel scrollable list of achievements in the grat frame
  • added "/achsnd mbtest" command to open the alert frame
  • made the countdown pause while mouse is over alert frame


  • fixed some variable names in command line processing


  • toc bump


  • Added ability to toggle whether or not you get alerted in PVP battlegrounds or Tol Barad / Wintergrasp when active
  • changed grat sorting functions and duplicate name functions

•Improved Bill's Utils version checking •Added a filter for nearby achievements from people in the opposite faction

•removed Bill's Utils version checking from the addon •put version checking into Bill's Utils

•Bill's Utils is now included as a library but prefers a seperate install

•Bill's Utils is no longer included in the download •reduced addon size some more

•Moved common functions into a library addon(Bill's Utils) to shrink the addon's memory footprint •Fixed new "nil compare" errors

•Fixed control panel to properly save in game settings

•Added custom alert sound file support

•changed on/off settings to boolean •made addon slightly smaller

•Added "/asnn" command for nicknames instead of having to type "/achsnd nn" •Added ability to remove nicks by number instead of just by name

•Added nicknames and auto grat que sorting so no dupe grats •re wrote random grat generator to prevent problem when you recieve 2 different achievement from different sources (guild / near) causing the guild grat going to SAY

•Added mass grats and names in grats Both can be changed by in game settings (it is in beta because I have tested it as far as I can by myself and have found no errors but they may still be there)

•small bug fix

•Added user settings for minimum alpha and fade settings for time and mouseover

•Added a custom grats alert frame that can be moved around the screen and positioned wherever you like

•Added a GUI config screen that has more lines of code than the original addon •some code cleanup

•Improved slash command handling •Improved Random Message Handling

•Added command to chand default message •improved random messages

•Added several more slash commands •introduced random messages •improved Mik's Scrolling Battle Text detection to stop addon from creating error

•Added slash commands and in game settings •store ingame settings

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