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About CharacterQuickLinks (WowProgress + + WarcraftLogs)

Quickly generate links to WowProgress, and WarcraftLogs profile pages from players almost anywhere in game by right mouse clicking and then selecting one of the new options from the existing game context menus: Friends List, Friends List, Premade Groups Lists, Player Target Frames, Chat box names, etc..

Simplifies looking up mythic+ ratings. 

Allows you to quickly look up players that otherwise require looking up pesky but commonly used alt-codes for letters in player names.

Initially based off a very old Armory Quick Link addon that seems to have expired a long time ago, but I expanded upon it.

Bug fix and functionality added.

Previously a user could right-click target/raid/party frames and select a link type from the existing menu. Unfortunately, Blizzard considers that "Tainting" of their code, which lead to being unable to select existing options as "Focus Target".

Target, Raid and Party member linking now moved to slash commands (/cql). Existing friends/premades lists and chat names menu functionality is still in place.

Welcome message moved to more appropriate PLAYER_LOGIN event instead of PLAYER_ENTERING_WORD (which nagged too often, vs just once)


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