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  • Updated Aug 29, 2017
  • Created Apr 2, 2017
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About Paragon Reputation

Paragon Reputation aims at fixing the way the Paragon Factions are presented to you, it replaces the exalted bars on the Reputation Frame with easy to check Paragon Bars, that you can customize yourself on the Interface Options.


  • Paragon Factions on the Reputation Frame now displays their current paragon standing instead of the filled exalted bar.
  • Removed the Bag on the side of the reputation bar for Paragon Factions until there is a reward available.
  • Interface Options to customize the addon.
  • Toast Window that will warn you of an available paragon reward. (Disabled by Default)

Special Thanks:

  • Ammako: Helping me fix the Addon and adding the Interface Options.
  • Hoazl: Helping me with the Blizzard's Reputation Watchbar.
  • yuk6196: Korean translation.
  • HipNoTiK_007: French translation.
  • flow0284 & z3r0t3n: German translation.
  • gaspy10 & BNSSNB: Chinese(Traditional) translation.
  • Wolfeg: Russian translation.
  • tiagopl: Portuguese translation.


  • Added localization of the addon for portuguese-clients. (Thanks tiagopl!)
  • Fixed typos on the russian localization. (Thanks again Wolfeg!)


  • Added localization of the addon for russian-clients. (Thanks Wolfeg!)
  • Reverted fix to the Paragon Tooltip because Blizzard fixed them themselfs. :(
  • Reverted change to the Watchbar to again match the color setting of Paragon Reputation.


  • Added comma break for larger numbers in the Paragon Bars. (E.G. 10000 now shows as 10,000)


  • Removed fixes for reputation chat messages and the reputation watchbar because Blizzard fixed them themselfs.
  • Fixed Paragon Tooltip to correctly show the Faction's Paragon Cache instead of the Artifact Power as reward. (Blizzard messed it up here)
  • Wiped changelog before v1.13.
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