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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Feb 24, 2010
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About RogueComboQ

RogueComboQ v0.5.0 Update by pappawolfie

To use RogueComboQ, make a new macro with this line in it


save it and place it on the action bar.

When fighting, use the macro 4 times in a row to use the 3 rogue combo skills sequentially (Shadowstab, Low Blow, Wound Attack).

Now this addon will additionally cast premeditation before running through the skills as long as you are not in combat if you find any bugs please let me know as it works fine for me but for others you never know. check back soon for more updates

RogueComboQ is based on RogueCombo by Grubog ([email protected]). It started as a small modification to add support for SkillQueue, but ended up being a complete rewrite.

With RogueComboQ (as with RogueCombo), instead of having the 3 rogue combo skills in the Action Bar (Shadowstab, Low Blow, Wound Attack), you can create a macro and use a single Action Bar slot. Instead of pressing 1-2-3 when attacking, you can press 1-1-1 (and save 2 slots!). The add-on will determine which of the 3 skills to use automatically, depending on which debuffs/condition (bleeding, grave wound) the target already has.

Currently skillqueue is not working properly and has been abandonded by its admin so in future updates i will be excluding this functionality-

If SkillQueue is also installed, RogueComboQ adds the skills to the queue instead. In addition to checking target's debuffs, it also checks the skills already in the queue (ex: even if the target is not bleeding, if Shadowstab is in the queue, it will queue up a Low Blow). If SkillQueue is not installed, it will revert to RogueCombo's method of using the skill immediately (i.e. you need to wait for cooldowns, available energy, etc).

RogueComboQ: (coming soon to Aulid: New Author

RogueCombo: Grubog:

- took out premed for now as too many people having too many issues with it til i can get
the kinks worked out

v0.5.0 via pappawolfie
-Cleaned things up some
-Added the use of Sol for functionality
-Added- Now if premeditation is not cast it will cast if not in combat
-will add more buffs soon
future plans
add more combos for instance for r/s using premed then shot to pull followed by
the typical rogue skills
may add other classes (if requested)
looking more into skillqueue since that project is abandonded may remove it as i
find alot of errors when trying to use it in conjunction with the addon

- change: bleed and wound debuffs are reapplied if time left is less than 2 seconds
- fix: Wound Attack (Ataque a la herida) was not used in Spanish client without SkillQueue (it's all Daehoidar)

- fix: error message if AddOnManager was not installed (thanks, Daehoidar!)

- new: added Spanish localization (gracias, Daehoidar!)

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