Raid SM

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  • Updated Jan 10, 2015
  • Created May 8, 2013
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  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
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About Raid SM

Raid SM


Moving raidmember in your normal raidframe (you don't have to open raid-interface)

Additional functions
/run RaidSM.func.Toggle() - Toggle whether lead-/assisticons are shown in normal raidinterface
/run RaidSM.func.ToggleVertical() - Toggle whether raidmembers are aligned vertical or horizontal
/run RaidSM.func.SaveRaid() - Save current raidmemberpositions
/run RaidSM.func.RestoreOrder() - Restore raidmember to prior saved positions

*right click on raidframemember should now toggle the right dropdown everytime

Beta 7
*added support for siegewar, osalon, bolynthia

Beta 6
*changed Buttonicon for ZZInfobar
*Bugfixed: When someone is moving a groupmember while you try to move someone yourself, the moveframe will not be closed anymore

Beta 5
*added plugin for ZZInfobar
*added ZZInfobar button for raidposition feature of RaidSM

Beta 4
*added raid-assist entry to dropdownmenu
*added switch to raid entry to dropdownmenu

Beta 3
- right dropdownmenu shown when right-click on member

Beta 1
- initial betaversion

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