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About New InvitedByFriend

Continuation of dead-links InvitedByFriend.

Please report your suggestions!

Feel free to translate addon!


If you had InvitedByFriend version 0.6 of lower installed, please remove it before installing new - due old settings could crash SaveVariables. Soon, I will add convert system.


  • Will auto accept a party request:
    • Can be setup to accept request from friends in your Friend-list.
    • Can be setup to accept request from guildies.
    • Can be setup to accept request from a customlist.
    • Can be setup to accept request from anyone in-game.
  • Will only accept request if you aren't in a party.
  • Also accepts Honor party request.


Also available GUI (toggle by AddonManager or /ibf gui).

  • /ibf help - to show available commands.
  • /ibf gui - to toggle config GUI.
  • /ibf all - to toggle All Accept.
  • /ibf guild - to toggle Guild Accept.
  • /ibf friend - to toggle Friend Accept.
  • /ibf custom - to toggle Custom Accept.
  • /ibf debug - to toggle Debug Mode.
  • /ibf status - to show Accept status's.
  • /ibf list - to show CustomList in chat.
  • /ibf add $name - to add $name to CustomList
  • /ibf remove $name - to remove $name from CustomList.

Version 1.3

    - Spanish localization by Sathariel (Ridire).


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