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  • Supports: 5.0.9
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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
  • Created Aug 17, 2010
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  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: 1.31

About ExtraTip



  • This is a detailed and beautiful Tooltip addon for monsters and players.
  • Added players' and pets' Buff seconds in Tooltip if the time < YOUR_SETTING.
  • Show monsters or combat player CastingBar on the Tooltip and show left second.
  • Added a HealthBar on the Tooltip.
  • Show ExtraTip on Pets.
  • Rewrote quest messages make it easy to read.
    • It will show QUEST_NAME (COUNT/NEED).
  • Show real health, max health, health percent in Tooltip and ExtraTip HealthBar.
    • Change color to green when monster health<21%.
    • Change color to red when player health<31%.
  • Show real health, max health in TargetFrame HealthBar.
  • Show real magic, max magic, magic percent in Tooltip.
  • Show mouseover target's target.
  • Show female(♀) or male(♂).
  • Show main/sub Lv and class.
  • Colored classes.
  • Colored monsters' Difficulty.
  • Show race.
  • Show Boss or Elite.
  • You can close Tooltip of current monster in combat.
  • Change tooltip width and transparency.
  • Fix tooltip offset or not.

Addon Support

After v0.7, support following addons.

  • DailyNotes, yaCIt, vyCardInfo, ZzaburCompendium.

Slash Command

  • /et or /extratip - Open GUI.
  • /etb 60 or /etbuff 60 - Show buff in players' ExtraTip when buff left time smaller 60 seconds.
  • /et 20 or /extratip 20 - Enlarge 20 unit width of Tooltip, use minus will shrink Tooltip.


I only change Tooltip in game, if you need ThreatMeter please check this LINK or LINK.
The addon is base on testname's addon, I fix and change it.

Do you have problem?


  • Rewrote functions of quest messages, so also fixed a bug.
  • Made the support from yaCIt better.
  • Code enhanced.


  • Added new classes color.
  • Fixed width bug when BuffTooltip is shown.
  • Codes enhanced.


  • Small code changed.


  • Codes enhanced.


  • Codes enhanced for your system speed.
  • Deleted useless code.
  • Small code changed.


  • Changed something for old XBar.


  • Support New XBar 1.51 and XBar III 1.71.
    • Not support New XBar 1.5 and XBar III 1.7 or lower version.
  • Changed the function to show message in chat.
  • Changed the function to fix Tooltip.


  • Fixed a bug which sometimes the Tooltip not fix at its offset.
  • Fixed a bug which Tooltip set transparency to other units.
  • Changed anchor when Tooltip fix on top.
  • Codes enhanced.
  • Deleted useless code.


  • Support XBar Addon Management 1.0.0.
  • Show Warden's pet max health and max mana.
  • Added setting to fix Tooltip offset.
  • Codes enhanced.
  • Deleted title text in Buff Tooltip.
  • Deleted useless code.


  • Add a little code.


  • Fixed the time of CastingBar hiding.
  • Fixed the problem of CastingBar shows previous unit's casting.
  • Fixed Tooltip width when Buff Tooltip enable.
  • Fixed the support of vyCardInfo.
  • Changed some texts colors.
  • Codes enhanced.
  • Codes enhanced for your system speed.


  • Codes enhanced for your system speed, thanks for Xzandro and Noguai remind.
  • Added magic point information.
  • Casting also shows at PVP.
  • Added decimals.
  • Fixed a bug about hide CastingBar.
  • Changed ExtraTip icon.
  • Changed slider bar texture in GUI.
  • Simplify code.
  • Added German translation, thanks Noguai.

1.0 final

  • Added support for AddonManager.
  • Fixed a bug about Difficulty Colors.


  • Added a GUI and it can be translate.
  • Added GameTooltip Transparency setting.
  • Added monsters' Difficulty Colors.


  • Fixed the HealthBar bug when you turn off some function and turn it again, thanks for Gonzo1968 report.
  • Changed casting time from tooltip to CastingBar.


  • Added a HealthBar on the Tooltip, idea from RantTooltip (WoW).
    • Type /et bar to toggle it.
  • Show ExtraTip on Pets.
    • Type /et pet to toggle it.
  • Show buff when left seconds smaller YOUR SETTING.
    • Type /etbuff 60 or other number to set it.
  • Fixed the timing for show health in a special time.
  • Fixed load bug.
  • Use math.floor to show buff left time.
  • Moved codes make the addon stabler.
  • Changed the percent to change health color.
    • Pets and players: 30. Monsters: 20.
  • Changed typesetting on quest message.


  • Added monster casting left sceonds.
    • Now, it shows SPELL : (SEC)/PERCENT.
  • Rewrote quest messages in game, it well show QUEST_NAME (COUNT/NEED).
    • Code from Fliewatuet (THANKS!), and fixed some problems of the copied codes.
  • Simplify code.


  • Added players' Buff time in Tooltip if the time <61, idea from vaily.
    • Type /et buff to toggle it.
  • Fixed real health.
    • Copied from pbinfo (THANKS!) and fixed some problems of the copied codes.
    • EX. Mage-Fungus's health is 81, not 111.
  • Show health percent in player tooltip.
    • When player health<21%, it will turn red.
  • Fixed a bug to compatible with Support Addons when you close monsters' ExtraTip.


  • Support following addons, it will not disappear automatically.
    • DailyNotes, vyCardInfo, ZzaburCompendium.
    • Added a line over MobInfoTracker, so you can read it clearly.
      (MobInfoTracker can work with all addons if I don't change anythings.)
  • Added monsters casting time in Tooltip, idea from vaily.
    • Type /et cast to toggle it.
    • Color will change to yellow when casting>79%.
  • When monster's health<11%, it will turn green.


  • Got real heath point in Tooltip.
  • Got real heath point in HealthBar.
  • Fixed quset tooltip.
  • Show monster's sub class and Lv.
  • Typesetting, color change.
  • Translated.

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