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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Oct 5, 2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 1.0.1

About WifeAggro

WifeAggro is a combination stopwatch and countdown timer to minimize the chance of catching wife aggro. Don't hit her enrage timer!

You can also use it to time recurring events, like boss abilities and the like.

Instructions for Use:

  • Left-click and drag the clock icon to move the timer around the screen.
  • Right-click the icon for a list of options.
  • To enable a countdown, drag the sliders to the appropriate number of hours, minutes, and seconds to countdown, then click Start.
  • Use /wife to see a list of options


  • Operates as either a stopwatch or a countdown timer
  • Customizable alert when the countdown is about to expire
  • Auto restart countdown upon expiration
  • Slash commands are available to macro timer commands
  • During a countdown, the time background indicates the amount of time remaining

* Fixed bug that prevented WifeAggro from loading properly the first time it loads.
* Changed packaging to include all Addon files in a single folder.

* Added /slash commands to control the timer
* Added background to displayed time to show time remaining on countdown
* Starting the stopwatch or timer with the control panel closes the panel

* Option to set the opacity of the full-screen red warning
* Option to display a custom message when the countdown is about to expire
* Option to set when the warning will be displayed
* Countdown timer now can be auto-looped
* Many buttons that are unavailable in one mode have been disabled
* Added an icon to the main window display

* Option interface now divides options into Stopwatch and Countdown timer
* Fixed bugs that were causing asserts while the timer was counting down


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