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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Mar 24, 2012
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About ToonInfo

Addon description

ToonInfo keeps track of your toon's and guild's inventories, and allows you to search quickly for any item you know has been around somewhere.

When you mouseover an item or item type, you get a tooltip next to the Tooninfo window that shows you how many items of this type each of your toon owns. (You can use /ti tooltipattach true to move the extra tooltip next to the standard tooltip, but that doesn't work well because the extra tooltip gets hidden behind other windows. Use /ti tooltipattach false to reset to normal behaviour). Also, you can see how much of each type of currency your toons have (click the coin icon on the main window), and which notoriety your toons have with which factions (click the heart icon).

The tooltip and the search result window normally show one row per bag slot. You can change this by using /ti merge 1 to combine all slots of equal type together, or /ti merge 2 to merge everything (bank and bags). /ti merge 0 resets to the standard behaviour.

Craft recipes and artifacts would be nice, but aren't supported by API yet. These will be added as soon as i can.

Slash commands

  • /ti merge 0 - don't merge inventory slots at all (default)
  • /ti merge 1 - merge same type inventory slots
  • /ti merge 2 - merge all inventory slots
  • /ti tooltipattach true - attach the extra tooltip to the standard one (warning, the extra tooltip gets hidden behind other windows sometimes)
  • /ti tooltipattach false - attach the extra tooltip to the main tooninfo window (default)
  • /ti attachposition {auto, top, bottom, leftup, leftdown, rightup, rightdown} - control where the extra tooltip gets displayed and which direction it grows
  • /ti delete <toon name> - delete all info about that toon after you deleted him or a server transfer


(Hopefully) made multiple bank vaults work, and added the new venerable faction.


Fixed bug when players used /ti merge without giving 0, 1 or 2 afterwards

Fixed bug when using the mouse wheel to scroll in a window that had no scroll bars


Fixed a bug that could lead to an addon error when the player was in fight immediately after logging in


Added several watchdog silcencers Start using LibVersionCheck


rewrote all event-based stuff for the new event model popup windows can scroll using the mousewheel now changed the context for the tooltip window, which means "/tooninfo tooltipattach true" should work much better now repeat getting player info until it's fully available, which should fix problems due to the player's guild being unknown, leading to wrong/outdated information about the player's guild


fixed a bug that stopped "/ti delete" from working


added french translation, thanks to Leetah added partial russian translation, stolen from Heartometer, thanks to Aybolitus hopefully fixed a bug that could happen when a currency had no category attached to it fixed a bug that happened when you got a new currency type for the first time pushed version to 0.4 and environment to 1.9 fixed bug with total being calculated incorrectly in tooltip window

When you merge a stack of items from your inventory with a stack of the same item in your guild bank, the game doesn't send me a message about the guild bank slot, so the numbers don't update correctly. Workaround: after closing the guild bank, open/close it once again.

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