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About Teleporter

Teleporter gathers all your teleport spells and items into one place.

If you have Docker installed, it will place an icon in the Dock.

Else, the icon has two states - grey (unlocked, can be moved), blue (locked, cannot be moved)

If locked in place, then moving the mouse over it will produce a popup menu - simply click on an ability to use it. Only abilities and items you currently have should be shown.

If an ability/item is currently on cooldown, then the remaining time before the ability/item becomes usable again is shown to the left of the ability.

To unlock/lock the button, click and hold the left mouse button, and then click the right button.

Using the mousewheel on the button will adjust the scale of the teleporter entries.

Command Line Options:

/teleporter mode - Toggles between popup and rightclick to show teleport abilites /teleporter align - Cycles through alignment options (replaces previous right-click button option) /teleporter reset - Relocates control button to center of screen

NOTE: Due to the way the Rift API works, buttons with macros on cannot have their visibility toggled if you are in combat - so if you are in combat, then the popup will not show.

3.00v01.R - Added Planewalker's Call

2.08v01.R - Added Patrons Fast Pass

2.03r7 - Added translations for the remaining untranslated text
    - Added /teleporter fade to adjust fade options
    - Made popup window fade rather than disappear immediately.
    - Rationalised the mouse click options
    - Added UI driven mode change

2.03r6 - Use mousewheel on button to change scale
    - Performance updates
    - Added /teleporter reset - to relocate control button to center of screen

2.03r5 - Add missing entries from .toc

2.03r4 - Added Brevanic Portal Battery + Stronghold Summoner

2.03r3 - Bug fix for Guild Rally banner if you arent in a guild

2.03r2 - Added Summon Guild Rally Banner + Rally Scroll use

2.03r1 - Added Tempest Insignia

2.02r3 - Updated for 2.3 macro system

2.02r2 - Removed some debug information + fixed an item login error

2.02r1 - Converted to 2.2 Event system
- Added T3 PA Group Summon abilities

2.00r1 - Added Brevanic Portal Generator

1.10r3 - Minor update to allow hiding of popup when Docker is installed

* Added two command line options
    /teleporter mode - Toggles between popup and rightclick to show teleport abilites
    /teleporter align - Cycles through alignment options (replaces previous right-click button option)
* Changed minimap icon
* Icon can be locked in place (hold left click + press right button). Locked = color, Unlocked = gray
* Icon can be moved when unlocked

1.10r1 - Added support for Docker

1.9r9 - Small cosmetic change - use the right units if cooldown remaining <1min

1.9r8 - Removed some fixed localisation and replaced data with values generated at runtime from the client.

1.9r7 - Added German localisation
+ Right clicking the minimap icon will alter the positioning of the text - C > R > L > C

1.9r6 - Language fix

1.9r5 - Added French localisation
+ Hopefully prevent the nil comparison operation when keeping the mouse over the teleport after the zone completes

1.9r4 - Shows cooldown time remaining
+ More refinement on item detection/activation

1.9r3 - Added Unseen Insignia item
+ Refined item detection, so should only show the ones you have.

1.9r2 - More reliably (I hope!) detect the artifact teleport devices

1.9r1 - Initial release to curse.

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