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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Sep 30, 2011
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  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: TargetCastingBar-2.03r1

About TCB

Shows your targets cast bar in a seperate (movable) window.

To see all available options:


Options summary:

/tcb this - this will set tcb watching your CURRENT target, even if you then change targets, it will continue watching the 'this' target.

/tcb target - will go back to watching your active target, changing as you change targets.

/tcb scale N.NN - applies a scaling to the window to change its size, either larger (scale >1) or smaller (scale <1)

/tcb deplete - the bar starts full and empties as time runs out

/tcb fill - the bar starts empty and fills as time runs out

/tcb reset - resets all options to their defaults

If you do not like my choice of colours for the bars and text, then you can specify your own!

/tcb col bi|bu|ti|tu R G B

bi - Interruptible Bar color bu - Non-Interruptible Bar color ti - Interruptible Text color tu - Non-Interruptible Text color

R/G/B are numbers in the range 0-1

For example, to set the interruptible bar color to what the default is:

/tcb col bi 0.16 0.1 0.5

Not the most convenient way of doing it, but in lieu of a colour picker window being available, it does at least offer the option.

[New in 1.0 - thanks Kalvir (Zelandonii on Steampike)]

/tcb textsize NN - sets fontsize

/tcb remain/total - shows SpellName [remain/total]

/tcb remain - shows SpellName [remain]

/tcb total - shows SpellName [total]

/tcb nameonly - shows SpellName

[New in 1.01]

/tcb lines - toggles castbar text display between 1 and 2 lines

[New in 1.2]

/tcb focus - watches current active focus target

/tcb targettarget - watches current target's target

/tcb border - toggles display of border

/tcb channel - toggles bar direction for channeled spells

[New in 1.2a]

/tcb texture - toggles use of texture on bar


/tcb truncate - toggles whether text that is too long for the bar is truncated


/tcb align L/C/R - aligns bar text

/tcb interrupt - toggles display of all spells or only those that are tagged as interruptible

/tcb alpha - sets an overall base alpha

/tcb prec 0/1/2 - sets the number of decimals to use

/tcb custom X Y - sets the bar to exactly X x Y pixels

Added alpha parameter to /tcb cols


/tcb config - toggles display of castbar. Can be dragged and shows other changes as they are made (replaces lock/unlock)

/tcb undo - undoes any changes made this session


/tcb background - toggles display of background colour (+texture)

2.03r1 + Maintenance update for 2.2 event system

1.9r1 + Updated for 1.10 compatability

1.6.1 + Added options to save/load/list profiles : /tcb loadprofile NAME; /tcb saveprofile NAME; /tcb listprofile Profiles are ACCOUNT WIDE, so you can save them on one character and load them on another.


  • Fixed a problem with texture display
  • Fixed a bug when using non centered text


  • Added /tcb background to toggle display of background
  • Hopefully fixed a display error
  • Changed /tcb config to toggle properly. /tcb config MODE will not toggle
  • /tcb texture no longer requires UI reload to toggle


  • Added /tcb config option. Displays moveable bar (toggle) - Removed /tcb lock|unlock - /tcb config duplicates this with more functionality
  • Added /tcb undo - Undoes all changes made this session
  • Channeled spells should now change direction if told to do so!


  • Fixed an error with target uninterruptible spells


  • Added options to align bartext to L/C/R (/tcb align)
  • Added option to only show interruptible spells (/tcb interrupt)
  • Added alpha option for /tcb cols to set specific alpha levels for bar elements
  • Added option to set overall alpha level (/tcb alpha)
  • Added option to set precision of remaining/duration numbers to 0,1 or 2 decimal places (/tcb prec)
  • Added ability to specify the exact size of the bar (/tcb custom)
  • Bug fix for remain mode
  • Made the texture a bit 'darker'
  • Made the whole bar slightly transparent


  • possible bug fixes for text/bar seperation
  • Added option to truncate bartext when too long for bar


  • bug fixes
  • Added option to toggle the texture used


  • Option for channeled spells to reverse direction
  • Option to toggle border
  • Option to set target as focus
  • Added texture to castbar (Texture taken from WoW addon Quartz) 1.01
  • Option to toggle castbar text display between 1 and 2 lines

1.0 includes changes made by Kalvir (Zelandonii on Steampike).

  • Detection and display of interrupted casts.
  • Centered the text in the bar.
  • Added option to show/hide the 'remaining' and 'total' seconds numeric values.
  • Added option to set the text size.


  • Options to fill/empty bar as cast progresses
  • Options to change bar/text colours
  • Option to reset to default
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