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About Swords

Swords is a simple combo point tracking addon.

The nice swords and smallswords images where kindly supplied by Rustycage. Circle image kindly supplied by Strife.

I noticed that I found the swords on my warrior's name plate to be too small, so I kept looking to my character portrait in raids to see the swords. This addon allows me to place the sword display close to the center of the screen so I can watch the fight more.

The addon shows your current swords (combo points) and flashes when you get full points (3/3 for warrior and 5/5 for rogue).

The addon comes with 3 image sets (dagger, sword and smallsword). The default image is dagger. Use one of the following slash commands to change your image set:

/swords image sword
/swords image smallsword
/swords image dagger
/swords image verticalsword
/swords image circle

If you use verticalsword then I suggest also reducing the gap between the images by the following command:

/swords offset 40

Moulin has kindly created some nice alternative images for swords. You can find them at the below links. Just download them into the Swords directory and follow the instructions on the readme:

Bio Hazard


/swords on - turns the addon on
/swords off - turns the addon off
/swords combat - only show the swords when in combat
/swords always - show the swords at all times (they only glow in combat)
/swords unlock - allows you to drag the position of the swords by holding down right mouse button
/swords lock - turns off drag
/swords reset - oops its bust, start again. This will clear all your settings!
/swords background [ alpha ] - supply a decimal number between 0 - 1 for the background transparency. 0 is invisible and 1 is full black.
/swords offset [ pixels ] - changes the number of pixels between the images. Goes back to default if you dont supply a number.
[indent]You can set them to a negative number (such as -50) if you want them to appear right to left.[/indent]
/swords image [ imagename ] - changes the textures used by the addon. Goes back to the default if you dont supply a name.
[indent]The addon expects 4 images called imagename_0.png imagename_1.png imagename_2.png
and imagename_3.png The "_0" image is used for when you have less than full compbo points.
Once you have full points the addon cycles through images "_0", "_1", "_2", "_3" and back down
every 0.1 seconds. The image files have to be placed in the addon directory.[/indent]
/swords scale [ scaleFactor ] - Scales the images by the given factor, i.e. 1.5 will make them 50% larger than before.
[indent]scale does not adjust the gap between images, so if they start to overlap then change the gap via the /swords offset command[/indent]

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Rift 2.0


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