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About Runecraft Helper

An easier way to view runecrafting enchants and crafting augments and now potions covering crafting consumables. When first installing, the addon should appear open. Once you close the window you can always reopen with the command /rch or click the minibutton.

Both the minibutton and the main window are draggable.

This addon is for anyone to use. It is not based on a runecrafters abilities and if you are a runecrafter, there is no api available for addons to show in this addon which recipes you know or are unknown.

If you are using a prior version to 2.0, it is recommended you delete the addon folder and reinstall.

Remember, if you are using a version prior to 2.0, please remove the addon folder and then reinstall it with a current version.

If anyone wants to add another language translation, the easiest thing to do is to take one of the data lua files in the Tables folder, rename it and translate the text inside. Also in the rchstrings.lua file you can see how languages are laid out in the various strings and translate it as well and then email me the 2 corrections. I can then add a new language to the interface easily.

Thanks go out to Sarellia for all the contributions to the databases, Yakawar for the French translations and Xeretic for the German Translations (not quite completed), and to many of the addon authors whose mods helped me to learn. And now big thanks for dOxxx for his widget library!

You can contact me through email or through

New in 3.0 Fixed display when changing fonts. Added Docker support for the Icon.

New in 2.9 Fixed error when displaying runes with endurance. Seems when adding notority runes, the sorted table grew more then what I was checking for.

New in 2.8 Finally added in the PvP and Notoriety Runes. (Lvl 50-60) Added the new slots Neck, Ring, Cape, Trinket, Planar Focus

New in 2.7 Added checkboxes beside quality in Options. Toggle these to filter what quality runes you want shown.

New in 2.6 Fixed bug when trying to drag title bar. Fix bug in options dealing with the colors scrollbars. Some code cleanup.

New in 2.5 Remade the runecrafting and augment tables. Removed Apothecary tables. Changed lot that deals with the tables so right now there is no French or German tables at all. As soon as someone wants to translate the tables, I will re-enable them in code. Some of the older items prob still needs updating but I have all the new recipes in now. Some recipes I have no idea where they come from so the "source" will just show "unknown"

New in 2.4 Fixed errors. Still need to update databases. New in 2.3 Updated for 1.6 Lists and tooltips now change font as well. French translated potions tables, thanks to Yakawar.

New in 2.2 Added new descriptions in the potions table that replaces the "special" tag. Now says "See Tooltip" and that info will be in the tooltip when you mouseover the potion name.

New in 2.1 New Options Window Moved Languages to Options Can change font size in options Can change Quality colors in options Main Window changes size to font size The Select windows font size is unchangeable at this time, hopefully soon though.

New in 2.0 Revamped the interface using dOxxx's simple widgets library! Added Potions and Dyes! Added more language corrections. The window is now narrower, some information moved to Tooltips. Just mouse over the name of the item. More database corrections will be forthcoming.

New in 1.7 Database corrections Some French language translation corrections.

New in 1.6 French translations, all thanks to Yakawar! Added a check to make sure you couldnt lose the window by sliding it off the screen. Added X button to close window and removed the HIDE button. Languages should now remember preference between sessions. New command /rchreset, will reset both the window and the minibutton to center of screen. (Just in case you are one of those that did lose the window :P)

New in 1.5 Augment list! Revamped some of the ui object placements. Fixed some minor bugs Added, deleted and renamed some files in the folder. Best suggestion is to deleted the addon and reinstall to prevent further errors. (This may fix a problem with augments not showing up)

New in 1.4 Added 2 more sort buttons. (oops, forgot dodge and valor) Fixed a mis-typed variable.

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