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About RiftCount DPS Meter

Welcome to the RiftCount Addon page. This addon is currently a simple DPS Meter. More features will be added very soon and I am always on the hunt for new features to add to my list to implement. Recent Update: Menu One function I am not sure about adding yet as it would be relatively complicated to implement and I have seen very little requests for yet would be ability (skill/spell) information. Information such as highest hit and percent damage per skill would fit into this category. Another feature unrequested that I have considered would be peak dps, possibly splitting fights into user specified sections, either by spitting it into 4 or splitting it every 10 seconds etc, and giving the peak dps per section. These are examples of features that I am looking into adding, especially if I see users showing interest in them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features in Development: Fixes and improvements for menu Features in Planning Stages: If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements or features to add please email us at [email protected] We appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have. Authors: Marru, Ruhk UI Assistance: Shields

RiftCount v1.0:
 First Release
 Tracks Player and Group/Raid DPS

RiftCount v1.1
 Drag to move

RiftCount v1.2
 New UI
 Player Coloring by Calling

RiftCount v1.3
 Vertical Scaling

RiftCount v1.3.1
 Bug fixes for UI Appearing and scaling
 /rcminimalist switchest to a new minimalist UI option

RiftCount v1.4
 Large bug fix for group joining/leaving errors
 Manual vertical scaling UI (drag from middle bottom of window)

RiftCount v1.4.1
 bug fix

RiftCount v1.5 added 10/4
- Post with copy & paste dps information.

RiftCount v1.6 added 10/12
- Height/Width/Opacity options
- Position locking

RiftCount v1.7 added 10/15
- Sorting now works after combat ends
- Ability Filter added -(/RCFilter)

RiftCount v1.8 added 10/19
- History Functions
 /RCForward /RCBack /RCCurrent /RCPos are now all available to move through the history of past fights.

RiftCount v1.9 added 10/25
- Options Menu

RiftCount v1.9.1 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v1.9.2 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v2.0 added 11/28

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