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About Rattus

Rift Achievement Tracker - RAT - Rattus

Rattus will allow you to track Achievement progress in a similar way that the Quest Tracker does.

Right click the Rattus icon (on the main Rattus window - NOT the minimap Rat icon!) to open up the search screen. You can use the mousewheel to scroll through this selection.

Using the mousewheel on the titlebar icon will change the scale of the windows.

Search for the achievement you wish to add, and click it to add/remove it from the current active set.

You can also remove them by leftclicking the achievement icon.

Completed achievements or requirements are show in green.

You can drag the tracker around by left-clicking and dragging the rat icon.

Mouseover the Rattus titlebar to reveal the icon controlpanel : Left to Right :

  • Go to previous achievement set
  • Toggle display of completed objectives
  • Toggle display of progress text
  • Toggle display of progress bars
  • Toggle activation of autozone
  • Delete current set (RIGHT CLICK)
  • Go to next achievement set

Right clicking the minimap icon will hide any open UI screens, clicking a second time will show any that were showing when they were hidden.

NEW: autozone

This is a feature where Rattus will load a set matching your current zone automatically.

If your current set is 'Normal', and you have one called 'Ember Isle' then it will switch to Ember Isle, when you set foot on EI, and switch back to Normal when you leave.

To aid in setting up sets, you can do (where ZONE is literal)

/rattus new ZONE

And it will create a new set based on your current zone name, without you have to type it in exactly correctly.

/rattus autozone -- toggles autoloading of sets that match the zonename
/rattus hidecomplete -- toggles display of completed objectives
/rattus progress text -- toggles display of progress text
/rattus progress bars -- toggles display of progress bars
/rattus add NAME -- Adds the achievement(s) called NAME to the current set
/rattus delete NAME -- Removes the achievement(s) called NAME to the current set
/rattus load NAME -- makes the set NAME active
/rattus copy NAME -- copies the current set to NAME
/rattus new [NAME] -- creates a new set [called NAME]
/rattus rename NAME -- renames the current set to NAME
/rattus deleteset [NAME] -- deletes the set NAME, or current set if no name given
/rattus list -- lists all currents sets

+ Can now add achvs via /commands again
+ Fix for new achvs being deleted from sets on a fresh login

+ Modifications to the search window to show categories and description text by Thorgeig/Wym
+ Added ability to modify non-active sets

+ Work around for the text field change bug
+ More 2.2 Event system changes

+ Explicitly SetLayer() everything on the search window. Hopefully will fix things for those ppl that cant click/active the filter section.
+ Fixes to libZoneChange
    - Fix for player changing zones by walking
    - Fix for logging in or /reloadui into a 'special' zone2.02r2
+ Fix to libZoneChange
+ Converted frame mouse handlers to 2.2 event system
+ Bug fix when selecting achvment from list, if taken from the 16+ place after scrolling
+ Switched to libZoneChange
+ Updated icon set
+ Switched to 2.2 Event system
+ If Gadgets is installed, you can now create extra READONLY display gadgets.
+ Should now work more reliably in Conquest
+ Hopefully fixed another watchdog warning
+ Added updates when things are taking a long time
+ Hopefully fixed some bugs reported in the daily email alert
+ Rationalised the scaling, so things shouldnt overlap
+ Added detection for new sliver
+ Hopefully prevents a nil error
+ /rattus add | delete, can now take a linked achv as parameter (from Arkz)
+ Hidden status from rightclick on minimap button is preserved across sessions
+ Options bar moved to minimap mouseover (/rattus options will toggle between minimap/header bar)
+ Add support for Docker
+ Using mousewheel up/down on the Search panel will scroll through the list of matching achievements
+ Using mousewheel up/down on the header icon will scale the display in 5% increments
+  Fixes for errors I have seen in the daily error alert email (nil table @1026, Text: Rattus.req @1341)
+ Try to prevent some rare errors related to zoning - possibly due to time ? (error in lines :1158 and :1341 on error report)
+ oops. After some refactoring, ended up with a C-call cross boundary
+ Maintains order thata achvs are added to tracker, and sorts active list according to this
+ Right clicking the map icon is a shortcut for creating a new set for current zone.
+ Added new icon on control panel - a folder. Mouseovering on this presents a dropdown of all sets for quick selection.
+ Feature update
++ /rattus autozone -- toggles autoloading of sets that match the zonename
++ or click the map icon in the controlpanel to toggle
++ /rattus new ZONE -- will create a new set named after your current zone. (ZONE is literal)
++ /rattus clear -- removes all achievements from current set, but leaves the set
++ icons in control panel go greyscale when the setting they represent is off.
++ Bug fix for setup of new users
+ Feature update
++ Added new /rattus commands :
++ /rattus add achvtname
++ /rattus delete achvtname (NOTE: this previously deleted achvt sets)
++ /rattus deleteset [name] - Delets set name, or active set if no name given
++ /rattus progress text - toggles display of text progress (or click the A+arrow icon)
++ /rattus progress bar - toggles display of bar progress (or click the bars icon)
++ The folder icon now needs to be RIGHT clicked to delete the current set
++ All control icons now in their own controlpanel that appears when you mouseover the Rattus header bar, and are much larger.
++ CREDIT: Icons from Silk icon set 1.3 (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/)
+ Major rewrite of core processing engine
+ Moved update processing to a time-aware coroutine
+ Increased max number of tracked achvs to 15
+ Hopefully fixed the problem with alts having achvs marked complete, when they don't!
+ Updated for 1.9
+ Prevent deletion of current set.

+ Added achievement sets
/rattus new [NAME] - Creates a new set [called NAME]
/rattus load NAME - Loads the saved set called NAME
/rattus save NAME - Saves the current set as NAME
/rattus list - Lists all saved sets
/rattus delete NAME - Deletes the saved set called NAME

In addition to being able to load sets directly with load, if you right-click the !!! icon, it will cycle through all saved sets.

+ Left-Clicking the !!! Icon on the title bar will toggle display of completed objectives.
+ Fixed an error in some circumstances when an update happens
+ Fixed an error with showing achvs completed on other chars
+ Filters work a bit more as you may expect them to!
+ Fixed focus not being released
+ Fixed filter drawing as boxes
+ Added checkbox to toggle between all achievements and incomplete
+ Added filter to search window (uses lua patterns for advanced searching - see http://lua-users.org/wiki/PatternsTutorial)
/rattus display - Toggles display of tracker
/rattus add name of achievement - Manually adds achievement to tracker
/rattus remove name of achievement - Manually removes achievement from tracker

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