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About Powerbuffs

Allows the user to render important buff and ability icons anywhere on their screen. As well as tracking the absence of buffs. Each buff contains detailed duration and stack information. Note some features may be buggy.

Features: individually customizable frame sizes,text size,text colors, text/icon transparency. multiple configurations for different roles. configurations saved to each character on logout. Supports tracking target debuffs / buff Supports tracking ability cooldowns Simple gui to configure individual bars

Usage: type "/powergui on" to render the gui and "/powergui off" to hide the gui rightclick on the field to set focus. Pressing the enter key while a field has focus submits the changes and resets the focus. When entering buff names using the gui make sure to check for leading / trailing spaces.

Use "/powerbuffs" to add a list of buff names. Example: /powerbuffs Conviction,Salvation,Decay

type "/powerbuffs help" (without quotes) for a list of commands detailed usage information for each command will be print by typing each command without parameters.

Sample Setup Examples: /powerrole 3 changes the current role to 3

/powerBuffs Salvation,Surging Flames,Reparation,Cavalier,Conviction adds the buffs Salvation Surging Flames Reparation Cavalier Conviction to role 3

Version 2.77 Performance improvement

Several bug fixes

Version 2.76 Improved gui

fixed a bug preventing the bars from being moved

Version 2.75 Code optimization

Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.74 Added support for rendering cooldowns

Improved gui features

several minor bug fixes

Version 2.73 Fixed cpu usage problems caused by the gui.

Version 2.72 Added a simple gui to set and view individual bar settings

Version 2.71

Added support for rendering vertical and horizontal bars

Added support for moving frames with the mouse.

fixed several bugs

Version 2.70

Added support for tracking target buffs.

A target change event now triggers a full buff / debuff refresh

Version 2.69

Added support for tracking debuffs on the current target /powerstatinsert is used to specify which target to track per bar.

Fixed a bug casing stack font sizes to not change.

Version 2.68

Added support for tracking the absence of buffs using the command /powerstatinsert

Updated all of the slash command documentation to increase usability


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