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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Jan 15, 2013
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  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Montage's Prestige Bar 1.5c

About Montage's Prestige Bar

The time has finally come! A Prestige Bar!
Tracks your current prestige and prestige rank.

Move by left clicking and dragging!

Changed text so that with any hope it will be easier to read.

Slash Commands
/mpb orb Toggles the orb
/mpb default Resets everything back to the default settings
/mpb fillbar r g b Sets the color of the fill bar (values are 0-1)
/mpb font r g b Sets the color of the font (values are 0-1)
/mpb baralpha a Sets the alpha of the fill bar (value is 0-1)
/mpb move noti Brings up a moveable frame to place the Rank Up text. Right click to lock position
/mpb notifont <font> Sets the font for the Rank Up text
/mpb noticolor r g b Sets the color of the Rank Up text (values are 0-1)
/mpb notialpha a Sets the alpha of the Rank Up text (value is 0-1)
/mpb notisize s Sets the size of the Rank Up text (default is 60)
/mpb rankup Enables or disables the Rank Up notification (default is off)
/mpb favor Enables or disables a favor bar at the bottom of the prestige bar
/mpb scale # Scales the bar from 0.5 to 1. An input of 0.5 halves the size.

Initial release

Fixed issue with percent text being wrong
Fixed issue with bar not resetting properly on rank up

Changed text color and font so that it will be easier to read
Added orb slash command to show/hid the rank orb

Added the ability to change font and fill bar color and bar alpha
Changed how the fill bar works (a frame instead of a texture)

Fixed errors for low level characters
Added a favor tracking bar
Added a rank up indicator

Fixed error on rank up
Fixed error on the favor bar not changing back to orange when below 80% of cap

Added catches for typing in incorrect values for slash commands
Added scaling
Changed how the rank text centers on the orb, it should be more center now

Fixed bug with the fillbar filling to the maximum

Fixed error caused by the scale variable not being included in /mpb default


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