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  • Newest File: MapExtension 2.1.1
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About MapExtension

MapExtession addon displays locations for different achievement objectives and resource nodes on the alternative (not built-in) map. All data may be filtered by category and achievement objectives can be filtered by completion status.

Currently addon supports maps for Mathosia and Storm Legion. Following ahievement categories are supported: Rare mobs, Hendges, Cairns, Jumps, Puzzles, Named mobs.

Resource tracking stores positions for all resource nodes, artifacts that are displayed on minimap and Unstable Artifact Thieves. For this to function you need resource tracking buffs and Patron's Artifact Tracking on but you do not have to actually harvest those nodes.

To bring up addon window type /mapext or /mapextension in chat window or click a diamond shaped icon which can be dragged around by holding right mouse button.

Additional options available through interface:

  • Check for updates - tracks versions of the addon installed by your guild members and informs you if the newer version is available.
  • Rare mob notification - gives you a text message if your guild members encounteres a rare mob. For this feature to function both guild members must have this addon installed.
  • Filter killed - allows rare mob notification feature to filter out messages for those rare mobs that you have already killed.

Visit Rift Utilz for online database access where you can download latest data for all points and upload your discoveries.

Version 2.1.1

  • Added all points for jumps, rares and purses in NT zones

Version 2.1.0

  • Fixed some errors
  • Fixed achievements tracking

Version 2.0.0

  • Adden support for Rift: Nighmare Tide
  • Changed mechanism of storing POI like rare mobs, overseers, most wanted mobs etc. All points stored automatically
  • Adden support for Russian client

Version 1.8.3

  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/tracking.lua:75: attempt to index a nil value

Version 1.8.2

  • Added built-in resources database containing more than 17 000 records
  • Improved performance during Rift loading, map zooming etc.
  • Fixed the bug when the Map window or button became unavailable caused by the wrong coordinates outside of the game screen
  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/tracking.lua:111: attempt to index a nil value
  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/tracking.lua:118: attempt to index a nil value
  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/achievements.lua:55: incorrect function usage

Version 1.8.1

  • Added support for tracking Artifacts (usual, twisted and unstable). Adding to database is performed only when Patron's Artifact Tracking turned on.
  • Added support for tracking Unstable Artifact Thieves. Adding to database is performed when he is in your or your party-/raid-member's target.

Version 1.7.1

  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/achievements.lua:43: attempt to index a nil value

Version 1.7.0

  • Added support for Docker addon
  • Added French and German translation (possible translation is not accurate, please let me know if you find translation errors)
  • Added resource icons for active resource point on the map
  • Fixed error: MapExtension/lua/achievements.lua:46: bad argument #1 to ''floor'' (number expected, got nil)


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