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About KBM: Mark-It

What is KBM MarkIt

This Plug-In provides King Boss Mods a way to manage and interact with Rift marked units, whether they be friendly or hostile. You will need at least King Boss Mods v1.5.1 in order to use this Plug-In.

You can help test KBM Mark-It by using the alpha version from the following link. If you are using alpha versions please ensure any bug reports include which alpha version you were using at the time. Sometimes if using KBM alpha, you'll also need the latest Mark-It alpha.

Latest Alpha n/a


  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract, and copy the containing folder to your Addons directory. (As a normal addon)
  • Note: Do not install in the King Boss Mods folder.

How it Works

  • Interactive Mode
    • Left Click: Select a currently marked unit if one exists. If there are none, this will do nothing. Once select, the Mark Frame will show the Unit's name, HP Bar and Percentage of HP. It will also create a Trigger enabled Cast Bar which can utilize KBM's encounter triggers.
    • Right Click: Your current target gains this Mark Frames mark and any existing unit with this mark will be removed. If you have no target and that mark is assigned to a unit, this will clear the mark.
  • Static Mode
    • This mode is a simple visual display of the targets currently Marked. These can hide and show automatically depending on which units are marked and if they are seen. You cannot target or mark with Mark Frames with this option enabled.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.5.5 (r758+)
  • Change: Requires at least Rift 2.5
  • New: Add Mark-Frames for all new Rift 2.5 Marks.
  • Fixed: Ratio of Mark Frame Icons.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.5.1 (r731+)
  • Change: Support added for Rift 2.3.
  • Change: Now uses LibSCast for managing castbars.


  • Fixed: Crash when attempting to use any individual Mark Frame scaling options.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.4.6 (r702+)
  • Change: Converted Menu system to new style.


Rift Version

  • Change: Now Supports Rift 2.2

KBM Version

  • Chnage: Now requires at least KBM v1.4.3


  • Change: Updated for Rift 2.2 new Event API.


Rift Version

  • Change: Now Supports Rift 2.1

KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.3.9


  • Change: Interactive frame marks are now represented via their in-game icon.
  • Change: Unit frame marks are also represented via their in-game icon.
  • Change: Upon joining and reloading Rift, mark frames should update accordingly.


Rift Version

  • Change: Now Supports Rift 1.10

KBM Version

  • Change: Now Requires at least KBM v1.2.3


  • New: You can now select up to 17 Marks (9-17 being Icon marks)


KBM Version

  • Change: Now Requires at least KBM v1.0.9
  • Change: Version checking uses the new Revision base.


  • Change: Now uses correct style KBM castbars for mark frames.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.7

Version Checking

  • Change: If you are running an incorrect version of KBM, Mark-It will report as such and not load rather than error out.

Mark Frames

  • New: There is now an option to Auto-hide frames while playing solo. (Changes are made automatically once out of combat)


Curse Client

  • Change: Initial alpha push to try and synchronize the Curse Client.

Mark Frames

  • Fixed: Marked Units were no longer being show after becoming unavailable then available again.


Rift Version

  • Change: Compatible with Rift 1.8

KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.2 or later.


  • Change: Adjust Unit Available messages to work better with new KBM even engine.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires King Boss Mods v1.0.0 or later.


  • Change: Now uses KBM's new event engine.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires King Boss Mods v0.9.9 or later.

French Translations

  • New: Add General French translations.

Mark System

  • Change: Now uses KBM 0.9.9's new Event driven engine.


  • Rift Version Update
  • German Tranlsations Update


Mark Frames

  • New: Mark frames can now be set to not fade when inactive.
  • Fixed: Error which could occur after a /reloadui and moving the mouse of the frame.
  • Fixed: Mark frames that have Units when disabled now remove the unit display.

German Translations added.


KBM Version

  • Change: New requires at least v0.9.7 of King Boss Mods.

Menu Options

  • Change: Options now appear in KBM's new Plug-In tab.

Unit Frames

  • New: Update polling increased. Improved accuracy.
  • New: Castbars have been added to unit frames.
  • Fixed: Units being displayed in the upper corner even when disabled.

Pinned Mark Frames

  • New: These can now be moved as a group when enabled in the Menu (Settings)

Mark Frames

  • New: Now fades out to barely visible when not in use (by a unit)
  • New: When actively used (by a unit) becomes brighter.
  • New: When you move the mouse over them they become brighter.
  • Fixed: Stopped Mark changes overwriting other units incorrectly.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least v0.9.5 of King Boss Mods.


  • New: You can now disable/enable Mark-It entirely. (while out of combat)
  • New: Enabling and Disabling frames will update instantly. (while out of combat)
  • Change: Interactive option has been removed until supported. (Always interactive)

German Translations

  • New: Interaktiver Modus.
  • New: Abheften vom Anker.
  • New: Fenster ist verschiebbar.


Floating mark frames

  • New: Can now have their width adjusted.
  • New: Can now have their height adjusted.
  • New: Can now have their text size adjusted.


  • Fixed: Nil Unit ID's when multiple people change marks.


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