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About KBM: AddWatch

What is KBM Add Watch

This Plug-In provides King Boss Mods a way to automatically see mini frames and cast bars for all hostile NPCs currently targeted by yourself and any Raid or Group member you're currently with. You will need at least King Boss Mods v1.5.1 in order to use this Plug-In.


  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract, and copy the containing folder to your Add-Ons directory. (As a normal addon)
  • Note: Do not install in the King Boss Mods folder.

How it Works

  • New! Rare Mobs will now display the appropriate diamond on the Add-Watch unit frame.
  • New! Display new units above or below the anchor point (Cascade/Climb).
  • New! Lock your current target or focus to the top/bottom of the unit frames.
  • Optional display of a Units power/energy/mana bar.
  • Optional display of Unit level, including red helm for level ?? mobs.
  • If levels are displayed, the Units group difficulty will be displayed. (Elite/Normal)
  • If levels are displayed, the level number will be colored to represent the XP reward of the Unit. (Grey, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)
  • Moving the mouse over the "targeted by" number will list all Raid/Party members who are currently targeting that unit directly.
  • Listed units will now display the number of Raid/Group members who are currently targeting it, represented by [x] after percentage.
  • Marked units are now indicated with their Rift mark icon before its name.
  • When a Raid or group member targets a hostile NPC, that unit will become visible to you at the anchor you've positioned, or underneath any existing visible units already being displayed there.
  • Will show your focus and current target in the same list as other raid members.
  • Units targeted by multiple people will only ever appear once in the NPC list.

What it cannot do

  • Due to API limitations there is no way for you to interact (select that NPC) via the NPC list. However, KBM: Mark-It does allow for this with a separate design approach and methodology.


  • Fixed: Reference to a global no longer available.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM.1.5.5 (r758+)
  • Change: Requires at least Rift 2.5
  • New: Now supports new marks introduced in Rift 2.5


  • Fixed: Error 291 when incorrect KBM version or no KBM installed.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.5.1 (r731+)
  • Change: Support added for Rift 2.3.
  • Change: Now uses LibSCast for managing castbars.
  • New: Option to track <Unknown> units. Disabled by default.
  • Change: Castbars are now linked permanently to a unit frame reducing overall overhead.


  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.4.6 (r702+)
  • Change: Converted Menu system to new style.


  • Fixed: Power changes (Mana/Power/Energy) should now scale correctly on the power bar.
  • New: Rare mobs are now indicated with a diamond icon top left of the name.
  • Change: Uses Rift 2.2 Event API system fully.
  • Change: Requires at least Rift 2.2
  • Change: Requires at least KBM 1.4.3


  • Fixed (Hopefully): Redesigned Raid mark code to hopefully remove the graphical glitches once and for all.
  • Note: Please let me know if it happens again. The problem with the bug is I can't reproduce it consistently enough.


  • New: Added the option to always display your target first in the list.
  • Fixed: Visual glitch in where old mark icons were still visible.


  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes names would appear in the top left corner of the screen, rather than on the unit bar.
  • Change: Adjusted scaling of Icons to retain their correct aspect ratio.


  • New: Now uses Safes Unit Library (LibSUnit) instead of KBM's internal system (which is being removed from KBM).


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM 1.3.6

Raid Marks

  • New: Raid Marks are now represented by the same images as Rift.
  • Fixed: Turning Raid Marks on/off in the Menu options now works.

Target Tracking

  • Fixed: Turning off target count tracking in the menu options now works.
  • Fixed: When target count tracking is disable, the tracking list no longer shows.

Smart Unit Tracking

  • New: Unseen units will once again update their HP.
  • Fixed: Dead units should no longer remain in the unseen state.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM 1.1.8


  • Change: Now takes advantage of KBM Texture Handler to maintain texture loading.
  • Fixed: The start-up cache system now actually caches textures instead of pretending to.
  • Note: This "should" resolve many Performance Warning reports, as the cache was still being created on demand during game-play.


  • Change: Adjusted level text for elite units which could drift off-centre.



  • Change: The pre-fetch system has been moved to a new start-up location in an attempt to avoid Watchdog warnings.


Rift Version

  • Change: Now requires Rift 1.9


  • New: Unit frames and target lists are now stagger pre-fetched and cached during initialization.
  • Change: All versions of Unit Level graphics are pre-loaded instead of loading on the fly.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.9.XXX Release


  • Change: Version checking errors are now tidier. Settings should be kept regardless of failing to run due to incorrect KBM versions.

Unit Castbars

  • Change: Now automatically switches Units castbar mode to KBM style. (Looks better)

German Translations

  • Updated

French Translations

  • Updated


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.8

Unit Frames

  • New: You may now select to show the level of Units in a similar style to that of Rifts own nameplates. (Optional)
  • New: You may now select to show the power/mana/energy levels of units. (Optional)


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.7

Tracking Engine

  • Update: Optimized various linked engine components hence the change in KBM version requirements.

German Translations

  • Updated



  • New: Added an option to display Target list on the Right (default) or Left.
  • New: Added an option to hide/show number of raid/group members targting a unit.
  • New: Added an option to hide/show mark numbers for units.

Unit Target Tracking

  • New: Moving the mouse over the tracked number will now display which raid/group members have this unit targeted. (Optional)
  • New: If a Unit's target list would display outside the left or right edge of the screen, the display will be swapped.
  • New: If a Unit's target list would display outside the top or bottom edge of the screen, the lists offset will adjust accordingly.
  • New: When you mouse over a unit to display its target list, it is now highlighted slightly for clarity.

Unit Frames

  • Fixed: Castbar cradle boundaries where being forgotten temporarily after Units were removed from the tracking list.
  • Fixed: Scaling wasn't updating correctly when units were visible during an edit.
  • Change: Tidied up the frames a little so the borders are clearer even when castbars are active.


Curse Client

  • Change: Initial Alpha push to try and resynchronized the Client.

KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.3


  • Change: Now uses KBM v1.0.3 Unit.Remove event to better handle idle units.

Unit Frames

  • New: The amount of Raid/Group members targeting a particular Unit will now be shown in square brackets after the %
  • Change: Unit Frames have gained a small border so you can see grouped objects better (such as castbars and more to come)


Rift Version

  • Change: New Supports Rift 1.8

KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.2


  • Fixed: Smart Tracking setting was not working correctly.

Unit Tracking

  • New: Marked units should now be indicated with "(Mark_Number) " before its name.
  • New: Unit frames now have optional Castbars displayed under the HP bar.


KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.1

Unit Tracking

  • Change: Several new methods used in the new KBM 1.0.1 Unit System.


Unit Tracking

  • Fixed: Closed a hole where possible nil names could cause errors.

0.0.7 KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires at least KBM v1.0.0


  • Fixed: Smart-Tracking Option is now actually an Option.

Unit Tracking

  • New: Smart-Tracked Units which are not currently targeted by your Raid will now fade out slightly.
  • Change: Updating of Unit Bars is now event driven via KBMs new event engine.
  • Change: Optimized Unit Tracking to cut down on needless updates.
  • Change: Unit HP Bars are now rounded to avoid texture alignment glitches.

0.0.6 Unit Tracking

  • Change: Units will now be persistently tracked until dead, only during Encounters.


  • Fixed: When changing the dimensions of frames the settings were not correctly applied to existing frames.
  • Fixed: If you changed the dimensions of frames with units visible, the settings were not applied immediately.

0.0.5 Options

  • Fixed: You can now Enable/Disable the Plug-In from it's menu options any time you like.


  • This fix does NOT require a new version of KBM (v0.9.9).


  • New: Now displays Neutral targets.

0.0.3 KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires King Boss Mods v0.9.9 minimum.


  • New: Uses KBM's new event driven Plug-In interface.


Rift Version

  • New: Compatible with Rift v1.7

KBM Version

  • Change: Now requires King Boss Mods v0.9.7 minimum.

Menu Options

  • Change: Now uses KBM's new Plug-In tab.


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