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About Gadgets: Outfitter

A Special thanks for the original author Wykkyd for making this incredible addon!

Outfitter is an Equipment Set management addon that can treat your Wardrobe slots as secondary storage. The 'Button Bars' that you create are extremely configurable and will expand and collapse, or open the configuration window, with a simple click of the mouse. Once expanded each button bar will display the buttons for the sets you have created, allowing you to change gear, role, wardrobe & Karuul Alert settings with a click.

Here is a tutorial made by the original author: Video Tutorial available now in HD


  • Place 1 or more button bars on screen using Gadgets interface to easily move & configure each
  • Configure Equipment Sets that are exclusive to each button bar, allowing quick changes between specs, gear & Karuul Alerts.
  • Equipment can be stored and retrieved from Wardrobe or Bags
  • Equipment found in Wardrobe will be traded out when called for, resulting in your Wardrobe slots acting like enhanced storage
  • Wardrobe switching per equipment set



Notes / Disclaimers:

  • This addon requires Gadgets to be installed & the core Gadgets addon to be enabled. You do not need to use the rest of Gadgets.
  • Switching gear between wardrobe slots & worn requires up to 8 empty bag slots. You've been warned.
  • Movement of gear outside of this addon while it is changing sets can cause it to stall / stop / fail to equip completely.

If you're having any issues with outfitter do not hesitate to post a comment with your issue or if you would like it to be a bit more personal you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Button Bar Instructions:

  • Use the Gadgets interface to Add Gadget to your screen.
  • Add an Outfitter: Set Button to your screen and place it anywhere you like.
  • Right click that button to bring up the Equipment Manager window.
  • Left click the button to expand the button bar, exposing any created buttons.
  • Middle click the button to open up the mass replacement tool.
  • Click on any exposed button to change spec, Karuul Alerts and gear.

Equipment Manager Instructions:

  • The X at the top right of the window does actually close the window ;)
  • The X touching each inventory slot will set that slot as ignored by the set (when equipping that set). Click again to un-ignore.
  • Use the drop down list to select a set, or simply start configuring to add a new one.
  • Drag & drop any gear you want for the set into the window (2nd ring & offhand weapon should probably be dragged onto that specific slot)
  • Specify whether or not to change roles, and whether or not to switch Karuul sets
  • YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO RELOADUI to see changes in your button bar

TIP!!! You can scroll your mouse wheel on top of image selectors and all sliders to smooth the icon/button selection process.

Known Issues:

  • The new outfitter tooltip might not always render where you would think it should be(especially with comparative tooltips). I've tried to compensate most of the bugginess that the native tooltip has but sadly there are limits, only the devs can fix that part. If you think you might have a fix or a better work-a-round, don't hesitate to contact me though!

Upcoming Features: NA


  • Fixed the classIcon error that people were having due to the new primalist class(Thank you Madyx for testing!)


  • Fixed some bugs in the mass replacement tool(mainly to do with 2h/mh-oh combos)
  • Re-sorted the weapon slots since they weren't mirroring the official UI(Thank you [email protected])


  • We be 3.0 now!
  • Added earrings to the mix, mass replacement tool(middle click your button!) supports them too! woo!
  • Moved around some of the slots in the main UI to accomodate the new earrings(please Trion, don't add more slots!?)
  • Fixed a small bug in the libwykkyd(Inspect.Item.Detail sometimes returned null)
  • Cleaned up the tooltip window when hovering over items in the main UI to show the correct stats again(it never showed CP apparently!)
  • Reverted a test with the slot icons in the main UI. I'm now using the icons in the resource folder again since the in-game ones keep changing name


  • More coroutine cleanup so it actually saves the found icons
  • Fixed a bug with the mass replacement tool and synergy crystals

  • Coroutine clean up so it doesn't break on unexpected corrupt data, it now ignores it.


  • Fixed the performance warning some people were getting from libwykkyd
  • Small fix to the custom tooltip, it should now show for anyone that hasn't made a new Gadget set button or resaved their old one


  • Wardrobe slots go to 39 now
  • fixed a small issue in the wykkyd lib that prevented people from saving their gear in the wardrobeslots


  • Added a tooltip hook to the item tooltip showing if the item is saved in a equipment set
  • minor bug fixes

  • minor bug fixes when updating equipmentsets with buttons


  • Added wardrobe switching functionality per equipmentset.
  • None item settings can now be updated for an equipmentset without having to reloadui


  • Added optional Tool Tip Labels for your many buttons. To enable this feature modify your gadget and select the enable label on set button.


  • Made it so the offslot checkbox doesn't show unless a onehander/ring is placed in it. It now also has category specific text(offhand slot & 2nd ring slot)
  • Also replaced the table.foreach with for in pairs loops usage seeing as it's officially depricated


  • Changed offslot checkbox behaviour Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the drag and dropping of items in the slots Thanks [email protected] Feature addition:
  • You can open the mass replacement window by middle clicking on the gadget button. Thanks [email protected]

  • Updated support for dynamic number of Roles thanks to mhenlo for the code. Added 7 bag support thanks to hellshound38 for the code.

  • Updated many of the events to the new event system.

  • Added Support for SL Soul Images Added Support for up to 20 roles.

  • cloak fix

  • Added preliminary cape handling. Enjoy ;)

  • Replaced a deprecated event trigger. Compatibility Mode is no longer necessary.

  • Fixed a bug that affected new buttonbar creation

  • Overhauled the underlying code
  • Attached to libWykkyd library, which must be enabled for this addon to function
  • Fixed a bug with button bars during combat. If you enter combat with then extended... they're stuck until you exit combat now, instead of throwing an error ;)

  • Cleaned up equipment icons in the management window
  • Added proper equipment rarity borders to the management window
  • Changed the "ignore slot" image to a lock, instead of a big red X
  • Added "Alert" functionality, so you can announce your role/gear changes to Raid, Group, Yell or Say
  • Cleaned up the management window form quite a bit

  • fixed a typo

  • Added controls to lock the addon during combat and prevent errors.

  • Fixed an error message when left clicking a buttonbar without having configured any buttons yet. (release):

  • Fixed "ignore confusion" when switching between multiple ButtonBar configurations.
  • Added: Blue highlight on anchors when configuring their respective sets
  • Added: Icon shifting for anchors to show the last equipped Set

  • Fixed an issue with equipping Totems.

  • Corrected an error message when item couldn't be found during equip

  • Expand directions other than RIGHT should now function properly
  • Delete functionality should now behave properly
  • Tooltip errors should now happen less frequently when items can't be found

The tooltip might not always render perfectly on top of the tooltips because the native tooltip is REALLY buggy, only the trion devs can fix this part.

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