Gadgets Advanced Raid Frames

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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
  • Created Feb 12, 2013
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Gadgets Advanced Raid Frames

Advanced Raid Frames

Made these frames like couple months ago but i was using modded files of Gadget addon and some people in guild liked them and wanted them so i decided to redo them and make them a separate addon (Still requires Gadgets to be installed and active)

What it can do

  • Shows who got agro
  • Shows who you have selected
  • Shows Raid Marks
  • darker color for out of sight
  • Shows current planar charges
  • Shows ready checks
  • Shows absorb/shields
  • shows who is offline
  • also shows who is in a teleport (same as offline exept without (OFF)
  • Shows who is cleansable
  • darker color for when player in there group/raid is out of 35 meter range (for healers etc..)

what it not can do

  • Shows who is crashed (before the actually offline notice) (api limitation :/)


  • Have Gadgets installed
  • Download these frames
  • Unzip them and put them in "RIFT\Interface\AddOns" folder (or install using curse)
  • then add gadget in the Gadget menu, go to "Raid Frames" then in the templates select "AdvancedRaidFrames"
  • i suggest to untick "Show Background" and to tick "Reverse Group Sequence" if you put frames on left side of your screen, and untick it if you show frames on right side, (this will put group 1 closest to center of your screen) but its up to you how you want it or not
  • And tick Hide When Raid is Empty so when your not in a party you at least can click stuff behind it
  • The absorb function in there don't work with my frames as i used custom absorb thingy i created when i was using old version of Gadgets, but who don't want it to have it showed :P
  • If you want that health numbers are in normal numbers and not in like 17K etc... then right click the Gadget icon go to settings and in General Select "No Formatting (1234)"

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Original made by DoomSprout i just shifted/added some stuff to look it more my style that i whanted, and what i whanted to show on it

- Version 0.3
-- Changed the cleansable color into dark blueish since purple was already taken by mage color , sorry about that


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