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  • Updated Jan 20, 2017
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About Dimension Tools

Dimension Tools

This is an addon to provide you with extra tools to aid you in the building of your dimensions.


  • Move, Rotate and Scale Tools.
    • Move items by typing in numbers for the X, Y and Z axis, either relative or absolute.
    • Rotate items by typing in numbers for the Yaw, Pitch and Roll, either relative or absolute.
    • Scale items by typing in numbers for the Scale, either relative or absolute.
  • Copy & Paste Tool.
    • Copy an item and paste those stats to any other item in your dimension.
    • Copy an item in your dimension and paste multiple copies of that item in your dimension from your bags or bank.
    • Use the offset multiple items to align the items you paste.
  • Save & Load item sets.
    • Save your selected items as a set to load another copy in your dimension or place the same thing in other dimensions.
    • Load a set using item(s) from your bags.
    • Load multiple copies of your set at once using an offset on the X, Y, or Z axis using items from your bags.
    • Choose between default sets or own saved sets to load. Default sets are extra tools created to make it easier to build specific shapes.
  • Import & Export Tool.
    • Export sets you made to a file for easy sharing with your friends.
    • Import sets from a file given to you by friends and place them in your saved sets for use in your dimensions.
  • Tribal Magic.
    • Tribal Magic is a tool that allows you to fly around in your dimensions


  • Type "/DT" in the chat window to open/close Dimension Tools
  • Type "/DT Reset" in the chat window to reset all Dimension Tools windows to their default locations
  • An Help menu on how to use the addon is provided by pressing the "?" button on the main addon window

Special Thanks:

  • Arkzy programmer of Dimension Toolbox for making such a great add on that this add on has been inspired by.
  • AladdinRift, for letting me use his code from Magic Carpet to integrate it into Dimension Tools.
  • Rift Dream Dimensions team, for testing and evolving this addon.

Basic Guides For Dimension Tools:

Advanced Guides For Dimension Tools:

Affiliated Dimension Tools Websites:

Version 1.3.1
- Fixed bug with copy & paste Module: pasting multiple items already in
  in dimension

Version 1.3.0
- Added the New Tool called Alfiebet, write words in dimensions.
- Added Alfiebet to the help function.
- Fixed error when leaving dimension while still on Tribal Magic.
- Made some changes in Zone Check to be more accurate.
- Added command (/Dt help), So you can open the help window outside of your

Version 1.2.2.r22
- Made small change in the Zone Check

Version 1.2.2.r18
- Added Offset Calculator module.
- Added Offset Calculator to help.
- Added Dimension detection, so that DT can only be opened inside dimensions

Version 1.2.1.r17
- adjusted help to match new options in copy & paste

Version 1.2.0.r16
- Rewrote Central point calculations.
- Made some small changes in Tribal Magic, to improve performance

Version 1.2.0.r15
- Changed: The options Bags, Bank, Both under Copy/Paste to Bags, Bank Bags,
  Vaults. This to give a more precise choice of where to take the items from.
- Added a counter to the main menu for selected items, you can now see how
  many items you have selected.

Version 1.2.0
- Implemented the magic carpet addon into Dimension Tools under the name
  Tribal Magic.

Version 1.1.5.r12
- Made changes to handle the items in dimensions better.
- Changed the way old Toolbox Sets are handled, it is no longer needed to
  copy the Toolbox saved variable to the Dimension Tools directory. You
  can now copy the file in the same directory and rename the new file to
- Updated the help

Version 1.1.5.r11
- Minor changes in code to improve performance a bit.

Version 1.1.5.r4
- Made some cosmetic changes in the copy / paste window
- Fixed error with load Default sets
- Added Dimension Toolbox Sets support for load sets and export sets
- Updated the Help
- Added Automatic Selection of loaded sets and pasted items

Version 1.1.4
- Fixed error on pasting items without first copying an items, now gives
  msg that you have to first copy an item.
- Added possibility to load multiple copies of saved sets at once with an

Version 1.1.3
- Adjusted the Save/Load Sets option to work without errors for new
  installations of the addon.
- Adjusted the Import/Export Sets option to work without errors for new
  installations of the addon.
- Added the possibility under Save/Load Sets to choose if you want to
  load the set using new items or items selected in your dimension.


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