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About Cursor Target Info

Cursor Target Info is a simple addon that places Target info beside your mouse cursor. It also doubles as a locator device for your cursor in those massive raids!

Check Updates tab for more info.

In the upper-right hand corner is a clickable space with the image of the cursor in a white-blue gradient. This will open an options window. X / Y Offset refers to the adjustment of the Info Display in junction to it's distance from the cursor. Slide the sliders to move the display further, closer or to the other side of the cursor. Click the icon again to close the window. Still does not save the options. Fixing that soon.

Has Options for MouseOver target info.

A simple add-on that adds a target info just to the right of your mouse cursor. Tracks their Health, Mana, Power, Energy and how many Combo Points you have on them.

1.5.0 : It work's out of the box. No configuration yet. I'll be working on adding expanding health/mana bars and such soon. (hopefully)

1.5.1 : Added adjusting bars to make it more 'pretty'. A little cleaner looking.

1.5.2 : Added a little icon to the Upper-Right corner of the screen. Click it and an option pane will become visible. That pane will let you adjust the offset of the Info from the Mouse Cursor. Nothing fancy.

1.5.3 : Made the range on the sliders from (-200 ~ 200 ) instead of (0 ~ 200) just in-case you want to place the info to the left or over the cursor. Added some code to isolate if your player is a Rogue or Warrior and hide the combo points block. Also added code to isolate if the target is an NPC. If so then Mana and Energy are irrelevant. Finally added code to evaluate if the target uses mana or energy. If not then it removes what isn't used from the bars and bumps them so they stay tidy.

I have plans on incorporating class icons and hopefully their roles (helpful in PvP)

1.5.4 : Realized after the fact that I forgot to add in the % like someone requested. So I added it.

1.5.5 : On a request I have made it so the Target Info no longer shows while you do not have a target. I will be adding an option to the options pane so you can always have it showing (especially when I learn how to save and load the options Xo )

1.5.6 : Added the option of displaying Mouse Over information instead of Target info. You can find it in the options menu (which still doesn't save yet X( )

1.5.7 : It can save!! =3

1.5.8 : Did some housekeeping on the options window. Added the ability to adjust the frequency of the updates to the Info Block. (On full speed/1ms delay it eats on my machine about 1.8% CPU, reigned back to about 250ms it cuts the CPU usage down to about 0.7%. Thought that was important enough to give everyone their own delay)

1.5.9 : I was planning on taking the day off from programming today (Sunday thing) but someone pointed out an error that I completely overlooked. I have fixed the "Error on Mouse Over with someone Offline". Nothing big and special this fix.

1.5.10 : Good handful of tiny things. Got the groundwork laid out for a 2nd page for the options menu. Altered the icon for the Options frame in the upper right. Added "Class Colors" as per request. Also added Number reduction to bars as per request (1,500 health should show as 1.5K, 1,000,000 as 1M). Thank you DaemonSambe for your input. It is greatly appreciated.

1.5.11 : Added a Level Number and color coordinated background to the text-box (white for no gains, red for watch out), attached to the right of the Name box. Also added a Raid Token number to the Upper right side of the Name bar. Customizeability will be forthcoming in time. Let me hammer out all the additions before I work on the options more. :)

1.5.12 : Did a little cosmetic repairs to the info bar.. and something else I can't seem to remember. /doh I remember now, I fixed the Boss level error.

1.5.13 : We now have a 2nd pane in the options chuck full of puppies specific options to the displaying of the info within the info block. Me bed now.

1.5.14 : Now there is a little icon that will show the Role of your target. I was hoping it would show the opposite factions role but apparently that info is not available. :( None the less, it should hopefully be useful. Option to shut it off is in the 2nd pane.

1.5.15 : She was throwing errors in some cases for people in group that were d/c or loading into realm. Solved, hopefully permanently.

1.5.16 : Apparently my fix before only fixed when using MouseOver's. I believe I have properly fixed it now. Thanks skyvahaerie for bringing this to me. I wouldn't have known without your assistance.

1.5.17 : Added another selection to the 2nd page of the options, "Only Visible while in Combat", thanks to a spectacular request from LemurGuy. Thanks bud. (Hopefully the re-ups properly, I left a debug print on -.- )

1.5.18 : Oakayam, Your wish has been granted. Scaling can be found on Panel 2 of the Options menu. Shorrrt, Thank you for the screen shot. That helped a lot. Should be good now but let me know if it pops up somewhere again. :) In otherwords...

Scaling added and hopefully fixed another offline/loading target error. Scaling applies to the add-on as a whole.

1.5.19 : Okay, Made cosmetic adjustments. Everything seems to scale well now. I THINK that the OL/Loading char thing is either done or close to done. (I feel horrible because I really can't seem to replicate it :/ ) None the less, thank you for your patience. This is my first coded addon (that I wasn't simply just modifying the code for) and yeah, it's a jumbled mess.

1.6.1 : Welcome to the new content! Sorry for the wait, and thank you Ytek for PM'ing me. I have been out of the loop for a while with life in general. I believe the most peculiar lines of code that were throwing the errors are corrected. PM me if something else pops up, preferably with a snapshot so I have an idea of where to look for the errors.

1.7.0 : Just a little tidying up done. Fat trimming so-to-speak. Nothing significant or noticeable.

1.9.0 : It's been too long Rift. Sorry for taking so long. Here is your long overdue update. Seems they initiated the depreciated (yadda yadda). Much love. Miss you guys.

1.9.1 : Nothing really earth shattering unless you were annoyed at the names being cut off.

1.9.2 : I thought about it and felt that a distance finder might be nice to add to it. No options for it yet though. Just wanted to push this out there while I had a moment of time.

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